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What is SharePoint?

What you need to know about SharePoint. Simplefied.

Anthony Dehner

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of What is SharePoint?

What is SharePoint? Content Management Search Portals Business Intelligence Collaboration Business Processes What do we use? TeamSites Portals Search Workflows and Forms Why do we use it? Out of the box functionality Configure instead of Code Stable What we don't use... MySites Why? Not fully baked, but we will use it in SharePoint 2010 What else don't we use? Business Intelligence Still figuring BI out. Who works on SharePoint? Application Teams Software Architecture Business Analysts Developers User Experience Infrastructure Teams Engineering Support Implementation What do we have? Internal/External Environments Servers (Over 100)
Developer VM's
Mirror Applications
Portals (20+)
TeamSites (2000+)
Apps (Workflows)
Search What you need... Project Management Skills Good Communication Skills Understand both Business and Techical Needs Testing Experience Multi-Tasking/Time Management You have all that. Last Point... You may not understand all of SharePoint right now, and that's okay... but you have access to some of the best resources in the company if not the country. It's not hard and you will learn it over time. Now go in there knowing you can do it better than the others out there!!
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