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Mistura Beauty

No description

Lauren Costain

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Mistura Beauty

Situational Analysis
Marketing Objectives
Sell 35,000 units of Mistura Beauty Solution in 12 months
Secure a market share of 1%
Attain sales of $945,000 and a profit of $633,150
Gross profit margin of 60%
Target Audience
Canadian women, aged 35-55
working, busy, mothers
70% of these women work
Over 50% have children
average income $45,000-$52,000/year
Total target market: 3.5 million women

Purchase decision:
relatively low involvement, can become habitual
Canadian women purchase luxury makeup based on:
unique benefits
quality (premium pricing)
Mistura Beauty Solutions
Problem Statement
After being acquired by L’Oreal, Mistura Beauty Solutions is being introduced as a national brand in Canada. There is an opportunity for Mistura Beauty Solutions to attain 1% of the market share of cosmetic foundations by increasing brand awareness, developing a favourable brand attitude and encouraging initial brand trial.

This will be achieved by launching a national integrated marketing and communications campaign using public relations, sales promotion and advertising strategies.
Create and build brand awareness
90% of target market aware of Mistura in 12 months
Shape a positive brand attitude
Position Mistura as a versatile solution
70% of target market will have Mistura in their evoked set in 12 months.
40% of target market will prefer Mistura over other foundations
Initiate brand trial
Online Advertising
Print Advertising
Public Relations Campaign
Communication Objectives
Creative Strategy

Print and Online
Sampling and Public Relations
Channels of Distribution
public relations
Natural Beauty
Helping Women
Key Messages
versatility - adjusts to women's skin
simple, quick beauty solution for busy women
emphasize natural beauty, build confidence
Brand personality:
professional, classic, natural, helpful
Mistura makeovers in 5 major Canadian cities
$5 donation to Dress for Success
Sampling increases brand trial
Conveys the product's USP
Positive brand image
Charity's mission matches campaign theme: helping women
International not-for profit organization

Helps women find a career:

Circulation: 511,000
Readership: 3.3 million
Average age: 47
Household income: $79,000
Over 50% university educated
Canadian Living
Print Ad:
run in 4 issues
Online Ad:
flighting strategy
Financial Models
Telephone and mail questionnaires gauging brand awareness, attitudes
Landing URL
Web traffic analysis
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