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The Computer Workstation Assignment

No description

komlz omega

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of The Computer Workstation Assignment

BTA The Computer Work Station Assignment The keyboard is one of the primary input devices to making a computer function properly. The keyboard provides a way for the user to input commands into the computer in the form of text. Text is composed of numbers, letters, and various signs. With a keyboard, you can use many different shortcuts to make your experience with the computer much more enjoyable and fast. A keyboard is mainly used as a tool to interact and communicate with other users. Keyboard Mouse The mouse is a primary input device for making a computer function with ease. It is used to control a pointer previewed on the monitor to navigate around the computer. It has a left click, right click, middle/center click, and a mouse wheel. Some mice have more or less buttons, but these are the primary ones. Some mice are also wired, wireless, or require a ball/Laser to control. Hard Drive A hard drive is a key part of a computer that is required for making a computer work. A hard drive rapidly stores and retrieves digital information consisted mostly of computer data. Monitor A computer monitor is a primary input for a computer. A monitor projects the visual display. Most computer monitors also come with the ability to project audio. The mouse's pointer is visible on the computer monitor and easily controllable. Without the computer monitor it would be very difficult for the computer to function in the users intended way. Speakers A speaker is a computer device used to project audio from an audio signal input into the speakers. Speakers are good for videos, music, and even conferences or presentations that involve technical sound. These are the ears of the computer. Webcam A webcam is mainly used to conference between 2 or more people. A webcam is used to capture audio and video from the recorder and broadcast it across the the web or to a specific unit/s. It is excellent for business purposed but also for casual meetings with friends and family. Webcams are usually created in an "eye" shape. Microphone A microphone is used to pick up sound made by the user and transmits it to the designated location. It is the main tool for verbal communication on the internet. Most use this tool as a social device to communicate with friends and family but it can also be used in a business setting to conference with co-workers online. Printer A printer is used to collect the selected pixels on the monitor(such as photos, Documents, etc) and recreate it as a physical copy. This device is excellent for doing work that involves a separate copy that is to be distributed. A printer requires a large sum of ink that usually ends up being costly. Modem A modem is used for translating voltages into frequencies. Generally, a modem transfers and decodes signals to make other devices work correctly. RAM RAM is an abbreviation for "Random-Access Memory". RAM is where data can be stored and access very quickly. RAM is like the computer's own personal storage device. The amount of RAM a computer has greatly differentiates. Scanner A scanner is best explained as the opposite of a printer. A scanner can scan a physical document and convert it into a digital copy. Router A router is used to forward data packets between 2 or more networks. A router is what connects a user to the world wide web(WWW). Optimal Disc Drive An optimal disc drive reads and/or writes data from or to an optimal disc. This is one of many ways to install software onto one's computer. You can also burn data onto the optimal discs such as music. Sources: http://www.webopedia.com http://pcsupport.about.com http://www.ComputerHope.com
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