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Lyddie Chapter 13 Notes

No description

Antonio Sy

on 2 January 2015

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Transcript of Lyddie Chapter 13 Notes

Clacked- To talk rapidly (verb)
Sentence: Sally clacked when she was giving her speech
Tip- When you pronounce the word clacked you are saying it rapidly because of the cla- sound.
impeccable-without fault (noun)
sentence: Jennifer has impeccable taste in art
Tip- pecc- perfect - great with out fault

Lyddie attempts to convince herself she's not a slave. Afterwards, she starts avoiding Diana and Betsy.
They are trying to get the mill owner to shorten their work days, stating that they are more than just slaves.
Betsy announces that she will sign up for Oberlin College after she is "fired." Lyddie pays no attention to this because she was avoiding Diane and Betsy as mentioned.
Lyddie not interested and pays no attention to this cause she was trying to avoid Betsy and Diana as mentioned.
Lyddie becomes so good at her job that she is able to work on four looms all by herself and she is so proud of herself, that she writes to her family saying that she is saving to pay the family debts.
Soon after this, Lyddie gets injured on the job and notices how caring Diane is when she helps her and treats to her wounds that she got.
Not only does she get treatment from Diane, but Diane also made an appointment with the doctor for Lyddie to check on her wounds for no charge.
Lyddie: Chapter 13
Priyanka Borate and Antonio Sy


In chapter 13, Lyddie avoids Diana and Betsy. Just cause her friend told her to. They are trying to persuade the mill owner to shorten their work days, saying that they are little more than slaves. Lyddie is happy with her job and is sure that she is not a slave, so she spends as little time as possible with them. But when Lyddie gets hurt on the job, she realizes that Diana is truly her friend because Diana arranges for her to see a doctor at no cost to herself. Later, she wrote a letter to her family saying she will pay dept off.
Botany- in a type of group of plants
sentence-This rare plant admoses this plant doesnt belong to a botany.
tip- bo mean biology which is related to science
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