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Starz In the Night

love story

Brooke Towater

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Starz In the Night

Starz In The Night One stary night, Joe was resting on a lush green hill. Beside him was Betsy, his bestfriend since birth. Joe and Betsy were neighbors. They also attened Rolling Hills Elementary. The first day of school Betsy and Joe walked into their classroom holding each other's hand. Older boys picked on Betsy because of size. Joe would come to her rescue and stand up for little Betsy. None of the older boys ever picked on Betsy the rest of her elementary years. As elementary carried on, Betsy and Joe traded lunches every other Friday. They also shared a cupcake every Tuesday. The day came when Betsy and Joe had to go off to middle school. They were destined for J.J. Thompson Middle School. Betsy became interested in other boys as middle school progressed. Joe became secretly jealous of losing his best friend. One day Joe confronted Betsy about her new boyfriend. Betsy and Joe started to fight. Middle school came to an end quickly. Joe and Betsy still had not resolved their problems. Starz In The Night Part II Starz In The Night Part III Betsy and Joe both attended St. Andrew's High School. Betsy and Joe were still ignoring each other. As they got into sophmore and junior year they started talking again. By the end of junior year they were best friends again. Joe secretly loved Betsy. Betsy had some interest in Joe but was not sure of how Joe felt. As a result, they never revealed their love. It was finally graduation day. Joe and Betsy were excited! That night Joe took Betsy to watch stars. As a matter of fact, this hill was the same place their friendship started. There Joe proposed to Betsy. The End (:
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