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CAE Proposal

No description

Tim Warre

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of CAE Proposal

CAE Proposal
Structure of Paragraphs
Start each paragraph with one of the following:

One idea put forward is to organise/hold.....

Another suggestion is to organise/hold......

A third idea is to organise/hold.....

Then give a brief description of the event, highlight it's strengths then it's weaknesses.

This has certain advantages/strengths/upside such as.........

However, one possible drawback/disadvantage/downside could be..........

One idea is to .......... This has certain advantages over the previous suggestion in that......
What is a proposal?
A proposal is a piece of formal writing similar to a report.

Normally an authority figure (boss/teacher/etc.) has asked you to evaluate a set of options for a future event or the improvement of something.

In the task I want you to complete you are evaluating different ways to welcome a group of foreign students who are coming to visit your town.

Read the task on the hand-out
3 Main Paragraphs
In each of the 3 main paragraphs you need to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each suggestions.

Look at the notes in the task, what do they say about each suggestion?
The task
Read the task and tell me what the 3 suggestions for welcoming the group are.
In the conclusion you need to offer your recommendation:

To sum up,…To conclude,…
I strongly recommend .............. due to..........
My recommendations are as follows:…
It is recommended that…

Or maybe you could make a suggestion to combine 2 of the events:

One possible solution could be to combine the disco and the orchestra performance, that way.......

I hope that the plan outlined/presented in this
proposal meets with your approval…

Finish with: Should these recommendations be carried out, the event is bound to be a resounding success.
A disco and buffet.
A talk and video about activities in the town.
A performance by the school orchestra.

So your 5 paragraphs will be titled?
1. Introduction
2. Disco and Buffet
3. Talk and Video
4. Performance by School Orchestra
5. Conclusion
Introduction to a proposal is the same as a report:

The aim of this proposal is to put forward ideas and suggestions for the upcoming visit of Mrs.Chan and her students.
1. Will young people talk to each other?
Talk and video:
2. video of activities suitable for age level.
3. 15-year-olds will be bored!
1. It is not certain that young people would socialise freely.
2. When making the video the age of the visiting students must be taken into account.
3. The performance might fail to hold the interest of some students.

Other phrases that might be useful:
........... might not be to everyone's liking/taste.
It is vital to consider................ during the organisation process.
Under careful supervision this could be an extremely enjoyable experience.

Language of recommendation:
It would (not) be advisable / practical to…
Perhaps the most effective way to.....
With regard to…, the general view seems to be…
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