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Sulzer Infra

No description

Joanna Kulas

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of Sulzer Infra

START Thank you for your attention Intercultural Management Communication Sulzer Infra case study Situation Problems The biggest challenge was to become a knowledge based company How does music effect business and decision-making? Best Practices Personal coaching on cross-cultural competence END Mindjet
MindManager Visual Metaphors & Values Jam Facilitators: diverse teams of change agents Jam sessions: collaborative innovation Cultural Day Circle of Thought: networking approach for continuous global dialogue SwarmWorks Which picture fits to which culture? Why? Evaluation and Recommendations Active all over the globe
Founded in 1834
Swiss industrial concern Infrastructure Solution Provider
Around 5,000 employees
Specialized on services
Subsidiaries in various countries Internal Large scale workshops SwarmWorks No cross-border knowledge sharing
No sense of togetherness External Decrease in private demand
Need for cooperation among subsidiaries
Unblock communication across the European companies
Stimulate networking
Promote organizational learning and knowledge exchange Cultural differences
Language barriers
Lack of identification with company and vision Interpreters
Conducive athmosphere
CEO (personal involvement and demonstration of leadership) Enhance upfront communication: preparation, expectations, clear goals
Enable interanimation
Address different target groups adequately
Live up to the demand for networking
Refreeze (Lewin) U
P BACK UP Source: http://www.mindjet.com/ SwarmCreating Brainstorming
Ideas Market
Interactive Learning SwarmPolling Decisions
Live Surveys
Immediate Feedback SwarmGaming Fun
Interactive Share
Virtual Teamwork
Timely Decisions
Visualization Key Challenges Independent
Offices Network Seminar on Vision and Strategy 2002 Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhZKc1Mgub8 Source: Lewin (1984) Which picture represents which company? Why? Source:Interviews, company websites, Stuber (2002), Holden (2002) Source: Fitchard (2009) www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FYzgZvnWh8 Source:http://en.swarmworks.com/business1.html
Source Interview with Heike Roeder, BASF SE Personal involvement of CEO as well as use of music and painting were very successful Space for improvement: Heike Röder, BASF
Global Procurement and Logistics Specialist Communications BASF - example of best practices What was really good during the workshop? "One Accenture" initiative: 1. phase: bafa bafa and business cards
2. phase: Cultural
Diversity Office Conclusions Great idea of holding a joint seminar
Involvement of the CEO Use of innovative techniques Space for improvement Source: Baker (2007), Brewer (2006), Cropley (2001), Gorn (1982), Root-Bernstein (2001)
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