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Coca-cola : a multifaceted drink

No description

Bettina Fournier

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Coca-cola : a multifaceted drink

A multifaceted drink I. The story of 1. First apparition of
2. Why ?
3. The birth of an international business
4. The impact of WWII on the Coca-Cola company
5. 's wordwide expansion
6. A mysterious recipe III. 's marketing policy 1. Advertising and sponsoring
2. Santa-Klaus
4. Marketing war between and Pepsi
4. Diet coke / zero II. and health 1. Sugar
2. Sweeteners : aspartame and others
3. Caffeine
4. Phosphoric acid IV. and the environment 1. A prize for : Pack of the Year
2. The efforts of 's industry to preserve the environment
3. Encouraging recycling Valentine ANDRE
Bettina FOURNIER a refreshing soda 's marketing policy an unique flavour 1886
"Drink Coca-Cola" 1904
"Delicious and refreshing 1922
"Thirst knows no season" 1937
"Stop for a pause... Go refreshed 1939
"Thirst stops here" 1948
"Where there is coke, there is hospitality" 1964
"You'll get better refreshed" 1987
"Can't beat the feeling" 1990
"Can't beat the real thing" 1952
"What you want is a coke" 1976
"Coke adds life" 1993
"Always Coca-Cola" 2006
"Take the coke side of life" 2010
"Open happiness" Coca-cola's slogans over the years Sponsoring Major sport events Coca-Cola's advertising focuses on conviviality (happiness, family, friends).
Since its beginning, the brand strives to take part in lifestyles and consumption patterns of its customers. Today, the image of Coca-Cola wants to be "cool": casual, young, sporty and enthousiast, so consumers can identify themselves with the brand. Coca-Cola also sponsors artists Coca-cola's Santa Claus Coke's best marketing success is certainly Santa Claus as we know him today. The "marketing war" Coca-cola spends more money on advertising than Microsoft and Apple combined.
Coca-cola's advertising budget (2010) : $ 2,9 billion
Microsoft's advertising budget (2010) : $ 1,6 billion
Apple's advertising budget (2010) : $ 691 million In 1931, the brand hire Haddon SUNDBLOM to draw this old man drinking Coca-cola to recover strength during his labor on Christmas eve Coca-cola and Pepsi have a rivalry relationship, due to their mutual industry of soft drinks. Indeed, both of them serve very similar tastes. Diet Coke / Coca-cola zero No difference at chemical level But a marketing one Diet Coke This sugar-free soda had a strong "diet" image and so, difficulties to widespread within the male customers.
Coca-cola had the idea to develop a sugar-free beverage for this type of customer : then was born Coca-cola Zero So Diet Coke works with fashion designers, which attracts women, like... And Coca-Cola Zero gives itself a masculine image, among others by partnering with the James Bond film... The story of and health and the environment 1886 1891 1894 1900 1920 1923 1941 1950-60 1978 1981 Joseph Biedenharn put Coca-Cola in bottle Roberto C. Goizeta became president of Coca-Cola company. He introduced Diet Coke, the first low-calorie beverage in the world. John Pemberton found a remedy for headaches The company was bought by a businessman from Atlanta for $2,300 Two producers of Coke's bottles 1000 producers Woodruff became president of the Coca-Cola company and makes know the drink to the world America enters in WWII. Woodruff offered a 5 cents bottle of Coca-Cola to every men wearing an uniform The company decided to launch new drinks : Fanta, Sprite... The Coca-Cola company is the only company authorized to sell packs of cool drinks in China The recipe of Coca-Cola is a secret. The Coca-Cola company keeps its secret in a safe place in Atlanta. Ingredients Risks of obesity Diabetes A lot of other diseases But the Coca-Cola company takes care about its public image. Wich ingredients ? Sugar 42 sugar cubes in a bottle of 1,5 L 7 sugar cubes in a bottle of 33 cL Negative effect = Weight gain Sweeteners Substances added to foods and drinks to provide a sweet taste without adding calories In : Aspartame or AminoSweet Approximately 200 times sweetener than sucrose or table sugar
Could cause serious reactions like headaches or migraines
But a medical review said "Aspartame is safe at current levels" Caffeine Can cause dependance, nervousness, insomnia
Safe for regular consumption Phosphoric Acid Phosphoric acid can interfere with the body ability to use calcium :
Softening of the teeth and bones

In Coca-Cola = No risks 1899 Two lawyers bought to Candler the exclusives rights bottling and selling Coca-Cola The brand is actively for sustainable development and working to grow a low carbon, zero waste business, and inspire a lead change Pack of the Year in 2012 22,5% plant-based material
25% recycled plastic
completely recyclable Against water wastage Main ingredient in Coca-Cola's drinks
1,36 litter of water use to produce 1 liter of drink
Return safely to nature
Thanks to a water stewardship strategy
Reuse water The transport of Coca-Cola Their production and distribution are coordinated in thousands of local communities
Smallest contributor to their carbon footprint
Good journey planning and by using smaller vehicles
Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle (EEV)
Biomethane = a renewable transport fuel The Packaging Plastic : 100% recyclablePlantbottle since 2011 Glass : easy to recycle Aluminum : reusable a lot of time
Energy economies To reduce energy use, waste & packaging A collaboration with the Carbon Trust : Calculation their carbon footprint
Make their business more environmentally responsible
1994-2012 : reducing the weight of their plastic bottles by 38% A target : Using 25% recycled material in all their plastic bottles A priority : Reducing landfill Encouraging recycling With a new logo to Coca-Cola packs On-pack recycling label : a recognized symbol that promotes recycling Long-awaited consequence : increase the number of Coca-Cola bottles recycles Packaging slogan "Reduce, reuse and recycle" : Reducing their use of glass, plastic, aluminum The collaboration with the WRAP : Creation of recycling zone in the country The creation of an online recyclometer : Proving how everyday recycling can be positive The creation of videos : Or the creation of happiness recycle, for example in Singapour : Thanks for your attention Powerfull advertising system
Innovative and ambitious actions
At the origin of a major change in the traditional aspect of Christmas
Bad reputation because unhealthy
But Coca-Cola takes a good care about its image The Coca-Cola company has a long history behind it and still has a bright future ahead of it
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