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Trade Containers

No description

Rafael Morelli Buzin

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of Trade Containers

The company

Offices around the world
Name: Trade containers submarines Ltd;
Born in 2005 - Head office: Houston / EUA;
Capital stock: 500.000 USD / 100 employees;
Objectivies: To have at least three offices in each continent / To provided an excelent quality costumer service;
Containers are imported from China;
Business Development

Financial Director
Operations Director
Product and service details
Container submarine;

Goes by it self - There is a motor in the container - 500 km per hour (under the water);

The fastest way to bring products to your country;

Insurance is included in all type of freights;

Quotations can be made on internet (www.tradecontainers.com).
Container Submarine
Negotiation example
Product: Fruits and vegetables;
Quantity: 200kg;
From Houston/EUA to Itajai/Brazil;
Shipment: June 15th 2013;
Trade Containers Submarines


Sales manager
Marketing manager
Trade Finance
Logistics Team
Internal Container Dimensions
Normal container x Container submarine
Length: 19ft 3ins
Width: 7ft 7ins
Height: 7ft 9ins
Length: 50ft 3ins
Width: 17ft 17ins
Height: 16ft 19ins
Packing: Cardboxes packed on pallets (25kg/box);
Freight price: US$ 3,000.00;
Special project for 2014
Offices will be opened in Itajai/SC and Salvador/BH, both in Brazil.

Reason: International trade is
growing a lot in Brazil
Future plans
Develop part of the container submarine for peolpe travel as well.

Room project:
The end

Thank you!
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