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Marketing Strategy

No description

Rachel Schroeder

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Strategy

Nail Tint Consumer Promotion Elements Nail Tint By O.P.I Consumer Promotion Elements Nail Tint by O.P.I SWOT Analysis Strategic Focus Product Differentiation
non chip
stays on for 3 weeks without need for reapplication
high quality, relatively low cost
Aggressive Advertising
push strategy
heavy advertising Marketing Goals and Objectives Keeping our Price at a premium level to uphold brand image of O.P.I
Keeping up with the innovation and trends of the nail polish industry
Expand our customer base
Gain 1% marketing share of the nail polish industry Distribution/ Supply Chain Strategy Utilizing OPI's established distribution channels
Nail Bars, Nail Saloons, Ulta, Sephora
Changing to big ticket vendors
Walmart, Target, Walgreens
Adequate supervision Current Distributors Consumer Promotion Elements Nail Walk and Celebrity Endorsers Who are the firms current and potential customers? -Females ranging from 16-60
-Women in the service industry that use their hands a lot
-Selling to large retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart Current Goals About OPI Current Collections Mariah Carey Mickey Mouse Great and Powerful OZ - Safety
- Quality
- Innovation
- Community Involvement Magazines Cosmopolitan Vogue Seventeen Teen Vogue Social Media - Re-pin - Contests
- Promo Codes
- Discounts Example: Consumer Promotion Elements Nail Tint by O.P.I - CEO or EVP and Artistic Director

- Models applying the product
- Viewers can see the way it's applied, the drying period, the final look

- Talk about the features of the product Nail Tint by O.P.I Grammy and MTV Movie Awards
Celebrity endorsers like
Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, Scarlett Johansson
Present their nails at the event
Share with interviewer Rachel Schroeder wears:
Moonlight Madness Justine Melotte wears:
Banana Boat Bliss Melissa Franklin wears:
Passionatley Pink Jenny Michiels wears: Bold in Blue What do customers do with the product? - Women use nail polish to feel beautiful and express themselves
- Easy pen applicator will be less messy than the standard brush
-Can do it at home for a cheaper price than going to the salon Where do customers purchase the Nail Tint? -Large retail stores like Target and
-Drug stores
-Online When do they purchase? -Impulse buys
-Special occasion
-Women like to match their outfits to their nails Why select the Nail Tint? -OPI already has an established brand name
-Their current customers will be more likely to try a new line extension
-Longer lasting, higher quality, easy application - OPI began as a manufacturer of artificial dental appliances

- Founded in 1981 by George Schaeffer

- Over 600 colors Other O.P.I Products External Environment Economic Growth and Stability Annual Growth of 11%
"Recession Proof" Legal and Regulatory Issues Adverse Health Effects
Nail Salon Employees Sociocultural Trends Fast Paced Lifestyle External Environment Competition Gel / Shellac Traditional Nail Polish Artificial Nails Dry Nail Strips Product Strategy Nail Tint by OPI
Supplemental Remover Product Pricing Strategy Price Skimming Strategy Unit Sell Price: $14.99
Unit Variable Cost: $3 Fixed Costs: $3.5 M
Unit CM: $11.99
CM: 79%
Break Even: 291,910 units Estimated FInancial Prjections (yr 1) Target Market -Women ages 16-60, trendy, girly -Service Women such as waitresses , nurses, and cosmetologists
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