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SIA Turnaround

No description

Tueston Oh

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of SIA Turnaround

PR team of Godwin, Jingyi, Kimberly, Magdalene, and Tueston Singapore Airline's Turnaround Threats to SIA's turnaround Sluggish outlook for international air travel
Political instability & uncertain economic climate reduced global demand for air travel.
SIA struggling with labour surplus and slow business growth.
The need for SIA to emphasize on its strong brand name and demonstrate its difference in qualities compared to other airlines to win over the hearts of the customers. Problem Statement To deliver SIA’s promise of service excellence, by taking into account customers’ feedback, in order to improve and repair SIA’s current relationship with customers. EVENT! PEST-SWOT Analysis Singapore Airline’s reputation is under threat as 32% of online media monitored, from July 2011 to March 2013, narrated accounts of disgruntled customers. Goal Objectives 1. To increase the number of favourable reviews by Singapore Airlines economy class passengers, on online media, from 58% to 80% by 1st October 2014.
2. To increase the number of year-on-year bookings made with the economy class passengers by 30%, as compared to 2013, by 1st October 2014. BIG IDEA SIA needs to adopt a consultative approach and listen to customers’ feedback in order to enhance the quality of their services. This new approach will allow SIA to build relationships with customers with genuine flight service improvements made in response to customers’ feedback. Key Target Audience: Customers Action Strategy
Enhance SIA’s facilities and services over time in accordance to the feedback received by customers to ensure that customers feel involved in the SIA's development process.
Action Tactic
Flight revisions and improvements to be made after customers feedback to SIA in converSIAtion. A year long campaign aimed to foster stronger bonds with SIA customer by empowering them with the ability to improve their own flight experience. Communication Strategy
Establish two way communication between SIA and its customers by being proactive in responding to customers' complaints and difficulties.
Communication Tactics
Identify problems facing customers by actively monitoring SIA's facebook page and travel review sites.
Establish a 24-hour customer service hotline and internet chat where customers can provide feedback The event is an excellent way for SIA to convince its various stakeholders on the new direction it is planning to take to connect with its consumers. With the presence of media partners, SIA should take advantage of the event to persuade the target audience that SIA’s new consultative approach places them at the top priority.
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