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Five themes of Geography; Ireland

I will demonstrate my five themes of Geography by using a country in Ireland.

Robin Mullican

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Five themes of Geography; Ireland

Five Themes of Geography: Ireland By Kaylen Feldmeyer Location Aboslute location- 53 00N, 800W. The geopraphy coordinates are 5319N, 614W

Relative location- The relative location is in western Europe, occupying five sixths of the island of Ireland in the north Atlantic ocean. Ireland is west of Great Britain. Place -Physical characteristics:
a. Human Characteristics
i. Land use: arable land- 16.82% permanent crops- 0.03% other-83.15%
ii. Density in Population: The population density in Ireland was last reported 64.95 in 2010 according to the World bank.
iii. Language Patterns: English (official, generally used), Irish (gaelic or Gaeilge)
iv. Religion: Roman catholic 87.4% Church of Island 2.9% other Christian 1.9% other 2.1% unspecified 1.5% none 4.2%
v. Architecture: the architecture in Ireland is one of the most visible features in the irish countryside.
vi. Political systems: The irish political system is a parliament democracy; People vote for their politicians, and can in the immortal phrase "toss the burns out."
-Physical Characteristics:
i. Land forms: Mountains and Hills, Lakes and Rivers, Peat Bogs and Cliffs.
ii. Bodies water: of Ireland is an Island surrounded by water. It is surrounded by the North Atlantic ocean, Irish sea, Celtic sea, North channel, and the Saint George channel.
iii. Climate: Temperate Maritime, Modified by the north Atlantic current. They have mild winters and cool summers. It is constintly humid, over cast about half the time.
iv. Soils: Brown soil is the most common soil. There is also peaty soil and Gley soil.
v. Natural Vegetation: the most natural vegetation is grass and moss. Ireland has lack of trees considering it is Emerald Island.
vi. Animal Life: There are many different animals in Ireland such as; Badgers, foxes, stoats, red deer, irish hare, european hare, hedghog., european rabbit, grey and red squirrels, Bank voles,Field mice, brown and black rats, shrews, bats, otters, mink, grey seal, porpioses, whales, and dolphins. Human/Environment Interaction: Shaping The Landscape i. Humans Depend on the Environment: The humans depend on fresh air, clean water, trees,and other plants, turf, natural gas, wind. Back when Ireland was a poor country they depended on certain vegetables to grow and buy. Like cabbage, because it was easiest to grow and the cheapest to buy. Another vegetable is the potato. Same as the cabbage, it was easy to grow and it was cheap. Also Carrots were cheap and easy to grow. Corned beef was one of the cheapest meats that you could buy in the markets. Most Irish people had This meal everyday. The ingredients are just The cabbage, the potatoe, and corned beef and the carrots. Most people call this meal "Corned beef and Cabbage."
ii. Humans modify the Environment: In Ireland there are tons of stores for shopping. Craft stores, clothes stores, and even newspaper stores. Also deforestation.
iii. Humans adapt to the Environment: The people that have jobs in Ireland have to dress in different ways. If they work outdoors they wear rubber boots (called wellingtons.) There is a lot of flooding in Ireland so some people have to build there houses on stilts. The most recent flooding killed 2 people. Movement: Humans Interacting on the Earth i. What examples of movement of people, goods, or ideas do you see in your country: There are many ways people can travel in Ireland. By train, by car, by bus, and even by airplane. There is a big Newspaper that goes all around the country. The name of it is " Irish Times." This newpaper is a very big seller in Ireland.
ii. Has immigration made a big impact in your country? If so, what has happened: Nobody Has immagrated to Ireland. People have immigrated from Ireland to America. The Irish came to America to get out of Ireland. Until recently Ireland was one of the poorest places in Western Europe (because of interference from Britain). In America, the Irish found a home thatwas okay with the Roman Catholic religion, and provided jobs and opportunities that were otherwise lacking in Ireland.
iii. What are the transportation routes in Ireland: They have paved roads, railroads, Runways, and etc. Regions: How they form and change Citations Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Encyclopedia Britannica. Inc., 2012. Web. 07 Dec. 2012. http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/293754/Ireland/23009/Land
"Ireland" The world fact book. 07 Dec. 2012. Web. https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/g"Ireland."eos/ei.html Pictures and National anthem. i. What regions are your country in? The British Isles is a group of Islands on the North west coast of Europe. The British Isles is a group of Islands on the North west coast of Europe.
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