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Bethany Noel Mota

No description

Jenna Starkel

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Bethany Noel Mota

Bethany Noel Mota
Fun facts on Bethany !

1. Her YouTube name is ( Macbarbie07 )

Bethany's Past !

When Bethany was younger...
Pictures of the Bethany Noel Mota!!!
More about her past...
Bethany Noel Mota
YouTube sensation
Work Cited
My brain
When she was in third- grade.
She would make new friends.
She would have anxiety attacts.
2. Her dogs names Winnie.
3. Her favorite mascaras from Target
Her winter line came with...
Over 5 MILLION subscribers!

Her friends would ditch her.
Then she has no friends..
She couldn't go outside .
4. Free Motavator shirt
She went to public school.
She was home schooled.
What she is to me.
She is my inspiration.
She is my Idol.
She is an amazing person...
Is an inspiration to Motavators.
(Motavators are her fans ;)
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