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2nd Amendment Rights

No description

Tristen Richardson

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of 2nd Amendment Rights

Not anyone can get a gun
Most sellers are attentive when selling
It is our means of self defense
Against stronger gun control
Issue between whether or not gun control should be a state issue or not
5-4 decision keeping gun control a federal issue
Ties in with the court case of the District of Columbia vs Heller
McDonald vs Chicago
Is the second amendment a privilege?
This article works in accordance with the previous one. It simply states that all that is needed is for the federal government to clarify gun rights for the local and state governments.
US News article
Works cited
The Issue
McDonald and Heller's cases made it clear that the government can not ban our right to bear arms. However it has left smaller courts uncertain. Cities are trying to put further restrictions on gun control and courts don't know what to do about it. The last case our supreme court heard applying to the second amendment was McDonald vs Chicago. Further clarification on gun rights is needed from the Supreme Court.
In todays society gun control is becoming a hot topic. Many are wanting stricter gun laws while others are against it
It is easy to get guns
Nearly anyone can purchase a gun
Gun control is not a state issue
For stricter gun laws
District of Columbia put a ban on hand guns
Dealt with the regulation act
5-4 decision protecting individuals rights
Individuals right was the right to bear arms
Court Cases
District of Columbia vs Heller
This is a New York Times article applying the thought that guns don't kill people; people kill people. It also compares this to vehicles, stating that we have put restrictions on vehicles to save lives why aren't we doing the same to guns. The author basically stated that gun restrictions are necessary and is unaware of why we have yet to create them.
Gun Blind Spots
2nd Amendment Rights

By: Tristen Richardson
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