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What are presentation techniques and introductory activities

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eduardo esteban araya arancibia

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of What are presentation techniques and introductory activities

What are presentation techniques and introductory activities?
Presentation techniques are ways used by the teacher to present new language such as vocabulary, grammatical structures and pronunciation.

Introductory activities are those used by teacher to introduce a lesson or teaching topic.
Some Presentation Techniques
1. Use visual aids
2. Keep it short and sweet
3. Use the rule of three
4. Rehearse
5. Tell stories
6. Have a back-up plan
7. Check out the presentation room

Some Introductory Activities:
Assessment Activities
Group Stories
Read from Texts

Presentation Practice Production
Gives students an opportunity to practice language in a safe learning environment where it is difficult to make mistakes. It can therefore be a confidence-building approach for students. Students may be learning items they are not interested in or ready to learn and gives them few opportunities to use the language for communication.

In the PPP lesson
Has a language aim.
Choral Drill
Presente the new Lanaguage
Controlled or restricted Practice (Teacher)
Grammar Explanation
Concept Question
Second Semi-Controlled Practice (teacher-Student)
Less Controlled or Free Practice (Teacher)



In the TBL lesson
Task- based learning
Introductory stages of a lesson helps students to settle into the lesson and focus on its content. There are two of introductory activities: Warmers and Lead-ins.


Are primary used at the beginning of an ESL lesson to get your students talking and ready to learn! These activities can also be used for language reinforcement in other parts of your lesson.
To raise the students interest.
For students to review the language
To engage students into the topic
(They are not always need to be
connected to the topic)
For ex; Could be a quiz, a game or a pair work activity . An fun activity.

Lead ins

Are used to catch the reader's attention and "lead in" to the main caption.

Focus on the topic or new language of the lesson.
Can focus and motivate students and make a link between the topic of the lesson and the students’ own lives. (personalization)

For example; if in one lesson students are going to read a text about the internet, rather than giving them the text immediately , we could do one or more lead in activities such as discussing with the students how often they use internet, what they used it for. What their favorite website are. This activity will probably lead on to teaching relevant for the text and comprehension task to follow.
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