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The 5th Wave Lit. Analysis

No description

Phavthasone Sengchanch

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of The 5th Wave Lit. Analysis

Phavthasone Sengchanch
Lit Analysis

The 5th Wave
Rick Yancey
Main Characters
Cassiopeia and Sammy Sullivan, Benjamin Parish, and Evan Walker
Minor Characters
Reznik, Vosch, Oliver Sullivan, Ringer, Poundcake, Dumbo, Teacup, Flintstone
The setting is probably around Cincinnati, Ohio in the future.
5 Major Events
The death of Cassie's father makes her understand more and learning Vosch's secret as she barely escapes him and his men.
Cassie (Cassiopeia)
Cassie is a lonely, and brave girl that knows how to use a M16 assault rifle. She's caring for her little brother, Sammy who has been taken away from her. Also, she is madly in love with a boy by the name of Ben Parish. She can be stubborn at times and is always on the move in order to find her little brother.
Sammy Sullivan
Sammy is the son of Mr. (Oliver) and Mrs. Sullivan and the little brother of Cassie. He's around five years old of age and very caring of his older sister. Also, he puts a lot of faith for Cassie since they made a promise that she will return to him. Sammy is also very brave, strong willed and obedient.
Ben Parish
Ben Parish is Cassie's biggest crush for a long time now and he barely even knows that she exist. He attended the same high school as Cassie, he's very athletic and smart. Also, he meets Sammy in a training camp and where he was named "Nugget" and Sammy tells Ben that he has a sister out looking for him.
Evan Walker
Evan Walker is a mysterious boy who comes across Cassie while she was out in the woods. When he finds out that Cassie is injured and messy, he brings Cassie and nurse her back to health. He was described by Cassie as a "Brawny paper towel guy." Evan is always alert and quiet who has truly fallen in love for Cassie.
Reznik- Ben Parish's harsh trainer
Vosch- Cassie's enemy
Oliver Sullivan- Father of Cassie & Sammy
Ringer- A new recruit to join Ben's squad
Poundcake- An excellent fighter
Dumbo- A chubby boy in Ben's squad
Teacup- A young girl in Ben's squad
Flintstone- An old squad leader
Person V.S. Self- Cassie decides whether or not to trust the people around her because trusting others that may have infected could get herself killed or tricked.
Person V.S. Person- Cassie wants to eliminate Vosch since he has been tricking Cassie and the others about the whole thing.
Person V.S. Society- Cassie and Evan seems like the only two who really understands what is going on and they began to plot a plan to save Sam from the Others.
When Sammy met Dr. Pam, who
showed him about their new
technology by placing a transmitter
inside people to keep tasks on them. Sammy become ones of the victim.
There was a disease called "Dorothy" where people have become insane at Ben's training camp but the people with "Dorothy" are the people who really understood what was happening but they were killed secretly.
Cassie meets a mysterious boy by the
name of Evan Walker brings her to
his home. and she becomes
suspicious about him since he
keeps disappearing in the
When Ringer arrives at Ben's training camp,
she's a girl who finally makes Ben realize who
the true enemy is and what's really going on
outside of camp. Ben begins to ponder more about it since he realize why Nugget (Sammy) was moved into another squad.
I think that the theme of
this book would have to
do something with trust. Cassie, at first didn't want to trust anybody but herself and to save Sammy at all cost but when she met Evan Walker, she had suspicions but soon she knew she had to trust him somehow or soon even if it meant that Evan's secret can be something terrible. When she started to trust him, it seemed like she could focus better on what is happening around her.
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