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Ethical Standards in Public Health

No description

Tracey O'Neill

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Ethical Standards in Public Health

Ethical Standards in Public Health
In Practice
In applying an ethics framework - 3 steps

1) Identifying and clarifying the ethical dilemma posed

2) Analyzing it in terms of alternative courses of action and their consequences, and

3) Resolving the dilemma by deciding which course of action best incorporates and balances the guiding principles and values.
How do we make decisions on a daily basis ?

What do we mean by evidence based decision making ??

Where do we find evidence from ?
An overview of public health ethics
Public health ethics can be subdivided into a
field of study and a field of practice.

As a
field of study,
public health ethics seeks to
and clarify
principles and values
which guide public health actions.

Principles and values provide a framework for decision making and a means of justifying decisions.
Ethical Dilemmas

Work in groups of 4 (20 mins)

Read case study - Answers question

How do we deal with ethical dilemmas
Health workers will be faced with difficult decisions during their working lives. Some of these will involve ethical dilemmas or conflicts.
Using ethical principles may help to resolve some of the complex problems that may occur during your work.
Learning Outcomes

LO1 Identify what we mean by public health ethics (both in study & in practice)

LO2 Analyse ethical dilemmas in public health practice

LO3 Reflect on our role and how we make decisions in public health practice on a daily basis
Public Health Ethics
In Practice
As a field of practice, public health ethics is the
application of relevant principles and values
to public health decision making.

What are principle and values ?

Because public health
are often undertaken by
and are directed at the population level, the principles and values which guide public health can differ from those which guide actions in biology and clinical medicine (bioethics and medical ethics) which are more patient or individual-centered
Public Health Ethics
Ethical Dilemmas

Confidentiality, privacy and trust are issues that all healthworkers should strive to maintain at all times.

There are some areas of responsibility in healthworkers’ lives that are more likely to cause ethical dilemmas than other parts of their work.

Asking for help when difficult ethical matters arise is almost always a good idea.
Decision making
Common Ethical Dilemmas
Practitioner–client relationship

Privacy and confidentiality

Shared decision making

Allocation of scarce resources

Stigma and illness

Reproductive health care
(Jacobs et al. 2012)
What enables better decision making ?
Reflect and write down one decision made recently that caused an ethical dilemma for you
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