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IQ Test

TOK Group Presentation

Samara Torres

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of IQ Test

IQ Test
IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient
Initially, IQ Tests were created to ensure that children with mental deficiency received an adequate education.
Did you know?
"In the survey of 661 social scientists, 80 percent of the respondents said IQ tests effectively measure at least one important element of intelligence[...]" (Glaser).
Controversy between the idea of a correlation existing between race and IQ Test results.
Sometimes the students did poorly in the test and they are placed wrongly.
The intelligence tests are biased
IQ testing are limited in predicting occupational success.
IQ Tests are an example of how we rely on numbers to measure a person's ability
The limitations and dangers are something that not everyone in society takes into consideration
Topic 1
What importance do the institutions of society, such as the scientific community and individuals, attach to the numbers associated with IQ Tests and its scores?
Garely Elizondo
Ilse Moreno
Samara Torres
Salma Torres
Topic 2
What are the limitations or dangers of relying on the mathematical explanations in your investigation as a way of knowing?
Scientific Community
It is not a good indicator of success in later life
It has no correlation with originality
Causes discrimination in students

The concept of intelligence quotient was created by Louis William Stern in 1897.
Alfred Binet invented the first practical intelligence test in 1904
effects in other aspects of life
A barrier is created
Parent-child relationship
Student- teacher relationship
IQ Test Scoring
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