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Ceranda Cross-Border Talent Solutions

No description

Astrid Gottwald

on 10 February 2018

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Transcript of Ceranda Cross-Border Talent Solutions

Find & Retain Leaders
Executive & Management Search
Identify Talents
Strategic Talent Mapping
Ceranda identifies relevant profiles - externally and internally - and conducts interviews with each of them. Hence you will be able to benchmark talents according to their track record in specific working environments and according to their potential.

The talent map will outline your customized pool of talents worldwide who will be accessible in the future. This way you will be able to find the right fit for an opportunity in your organization fast.

We map potential candidates across disciplines
for your pipeline, worldwide
For your high performance organization
Identify talents and be prepared to
Fast draw recruiting decisions that will make an impact

We support you in securing talented
executives & managers, worldwide
Today's executives & managers need to be able to make choices, while staying curious; to be adaptable, while remaining authentic; to engage colleagues and stakeholders, while being determined to achieve the set goals.

Ceranda identifies, directly approaches, interviews, and assesses candidates. The short list will enable you to meet high potentials, who will bear the potential to master the challenges you have ascribed to a specific role.

We will accompany you when choosing the right fit and attracting talent who will emerge as future leaders
Strategic Talent Mapping
Executive & Management Search
Who share your vision and values
Who will achieve the desired goals
Recruit Managers & Executives
Ceranda Talent Management GmbH
Achillesst 15
40545 Dusseldorf

+ 49 211 566 156 27
Cross-Border Talent Solutions
In a rapidly changing and increasingly global market place
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