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John Locke

No description

Christian Linehan

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of John Locke

Teacher Toolbox
:Christian Linehan

First day survival guide
Integrating technology in the classroom
-use IPad devices to log on to online aquarium and have children observe the animals in it. http://www.sharkbreak.com/

-have students log on to the Dallas Aquarium website (http://www.dwazoo.com) and discover what animals live there.
Communication with Parents
Lunchroom Management
-create a calm stress free environment for the children. Play light music in the lunchroom (http://www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership/sept08/vol66/num01/A-Lunchroom-Solution.aspx)

(The evolution of discipline practices: School-wide positive behavior supports. Child and Family Behavior Therapy, 24, 23–50.)
- have the students create a collage of what makes them individuals on a silhouette of their face. (http://www.teachertools.org/)

-use magazine clippings to create collage= free magazines can be found at (http://www.all-freemagazines.com/Free-Kids-Magazines/)
- fill out a survey and send it home with the parents (http://www.all-freemagazines.com/Free-Kids-Magazines/) (dentonisd.org)

Setting up and managing classroom learning centers
- center "BINGO" card. Have the children go to every center and mark off when they get a bingo. (http://thekcrew.net/) (http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/classroom-solutions/2010/10/learning-centers-part-2-how-manage-them)
- sing soft songs or nursery rhymes when you want them to transition (https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/classroom-management-during-centers) (youtube.com)
Managing small groups
Everyday Procedures
- use a chart on the wall where the students can
trace all of their daily tasks

-this will help the students learn responsibility about their belongings
Classroom space and Management
-give each small group a leader within the group to help lead the children in the activity.

(www.smartclassroommanagement.com/2013/01/05/how-to-manage-whole-class-behavior-while-working-with-a-small-group/) (http://www.choiceliteracy.com/articles-detail-view.php?id=1220) )
-each student is in charge of a specific area of the class and will be responsible for cleaning and straightening it
(www.scholastic.com/teachers/classroom-solutions/2010/10/learning-centers-part-2-how-manage-them) (teachertools.org)

Organization and Management of Students
- pass out random photos of colors on paper to all of the students, have the students who recieve the same color group together. (teachertools.org) ( birdvilleisd.org)
This will help the students organize in a way that does not make others feel left out.
-allow the new students to find others who share intrests with them. This will make the entire classroom more comfortable for the students and teacher.
-show the students that technology can be used for learning and not just for games
this will build a early positive relationship with the parents and the teacher.
-the students will feel safe and secure in the lunch room without fear
-will force the children to rotate between centers, even to the ones that they do not like to visit.
-get the students to move from one activity to another without a lot of distraction
- This group leader can function as a "mini teacher" and help to start to teach the students to work without the teacher.
-this will give each of the students a area that is their own and one that they can take pride in
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