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Howard Zinn chapter 12

No description

Glenna Vasquez

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Howard Zinn chapter 12

Characters Howard Zinn Chapter 12 By Brook and Glenna Theodore Roosevelt: the 26th president of the united states and hero of the spanish american war. Authorized the construction of the panama canal
Secretary of state Dean Rusk: presented a a state department list entitled "instances of the use of united states armed force abroad." for the use of armed forces against Cuba.
Captain A.T Mahan: leader of the U.S Navy and a great influence to Theodore Roosevelt and other american leaders. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge: of Massachusetts helped to write the Sherman Anti-Trust act of 1890, and supported the Spanish- American war.
William McKinley: 25th president of the United States, assassinated in september of 1901.
William James:Philosopher and leading anti-imperialist of the time Theme of the chapter This chapter speaks specifically about the expansion of oversea trade and the manufacturing and selling of goods.
American goods sell better in America.
America had many ports and trading routs along the Atlantic and Pacific. mainly trading with china and Britain.
America wants to expand and trade with new foreign countries.
Theodore Roosevelt wanted to expand to newer trade oversea and didn't mind getting into a war or battle on the way there.
America unsure if they can trust Cuba due to past conflict. Cuba causes many problems and rebels while America does not want to put too much faith in them . Historical Significance The historical significance of this chapter, marks the expansion of american goods into new foreign territories.
Oil began to gain popularity and was one of the most demanded American exports available, second to cotton.
Transportation develops and Americans invest in the Oil, Railroads, and mining.
Cuba Involved in the Spanish-American War. YAY!! You made it to the end. XD Key Terms
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