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blue energy presentation

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Emily Lomax

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of blue energy presentation

What is the blue energy committee? Every Hilton Hotel has a Blue Energy Committee that unites our team in continuing to deliver our Promise - "to ensure every Guest feels cared for, valued and respected". At the heart of any successful business is a skillful, focused and engaged team. The committee's premier responsibility is to maintain a service culture that will support the hotel team's ability to live our values, deliver our Promise and celebrate our stories - continually focused on the experience we are creating for our Guests, Team Members and Communities. We are focusing on four initiatives:

Community Outreach

Internal Recognition/Improvement


Guest relations Blue Energy Each month the committee will initiate a community outreach program that the entire staff can volunteer to participate in... Each month the committee will also be focusing on a department to recognize and appreciate as well as any internal improvements that are brought to the table. BE apart of something bigger The Blue Energy Committee of 2013 is going to be comprised of the brightest blue stars of the Hilton Suites...

If that is something you want to be a part of, please let Tom know!

Letters of Invitation are going to be coming soon... Look at all of these faces having a great time with a Blue Energy event... But wait a second, what is the Blue Energy Committee anyway?
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