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music magazine

No description

sunny singh

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of music magazine

To produce a music magazine with a genre of our choice, before we could start creating the magazine we had to do a lot of research and gather ideas about how it should look, who it will be presented to, and type of images used. The Brief Music magazine research for front cover. I started researching RnB magazines. Music magazine research for contents page Process of my front cover Progress of contents page Music magazine for double page spread A variety of contents pages After I had finished researching and analysing music magazines the class was asked to produce a questionnaire about music magazines and distribute them to about 30 males and females, in my case I based it on only students in my media class. After I had given out my questionnaires and had them completed by the class, I had to make them into pie charts so I could analyse each question and made an assumption of how many people chose the same answers. Pie charts analysis One pie chart of many Questionaire Progress of double page spread This is the questionaire i produced about music magazines. This is the result of of one of my questions being presented in a pie chart. The first thing i had to do before the content i had to decide on my backgroud colour which will be most appealing for an RNB magazine. My next step was to decide my colour coordination, i decided to use black, red and white. After i decided on colour i had to add information that a music magazine would normally have on it. My last step was to add my picture. I used this magzine as a template for my one. I used an existing magzine for a template to help me produce my own. the steps were simple because i knew the colour coordination and i knew how to prestent it becuse of the template. i started off by using black as my background and then started adding the information. My last step was to add my picture which i ended up using it as my background. For my double page spread i started off by using black as my background and the same colour coordination for my wrting except for my opening sentence which i used blue so it can stand out more. My last step was to add a picture to cover one side, i also wqanted to add more effects so i used a star with a quote inside. The images i used in my whole magazine Analysis of a front cover Analysis of contents page I gathered all the information about all the questions I asked and put them all in pie charts (as above, one of many) so I could compare and make a judgment about which one is more suitable, I am talking about which one is more suitable because I asked “what type of music magazines people read?” and I got mostly R&B which Is the main reason I chose to make a R&B magazine of my own and aim it for the young generation. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? ILLEGAL FAME After i hads finished my product i got some feedback from my class and most of them said that i needed to add mopre colour and different font. feedback In what ways does your media product or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? These are some of the conventions i used which are already in the existing market. Big masterhead in red which is a bright and vibrant colour. Big image used about the main star of the magazine. Bar code used at the bottom right hand corner. Main areas of the magazine presented on the left had side. How does your media product represent particular social groups? Color – The color I used for my magazine reflects on the genre of RNB I used the colours red, black and white to make the magazine stand out and would appeal to my particular target audience more.
Style- i used an existing RnB magazine to help with my own design which will appeal to my target audience as the VIBE magazine is already very popular in the existing market. Font- the font i use was "showcard gothic", this was used because it looks stylish and stands out. My magazine is aimed at people who are into RnB music, it will appeal more to the younger generation by the use of colours, layouts and images. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? who would be the auience for your media product? My magazine could be distributed at newsagents and supermarkets. this is so that it would be easy for my target audience to buy, and also other people. I could also digitally publish my magazine, where it would only be accessible through the internet, i would get more of an audience because more people are more likely to go through the internet than buying it from a store.

The target audience for my magazine is 15-18 year olds.
Mainly people who like RnB music. How did you attract/address your audience? I made my final product with the feedback from my audience in mind. I attracted my audience by the different colours, fonts an images I used. It made the magazine look attractive which drew the audience in. I attracted my audience also by the price of my magazine, as it was a reasonable price for their age. For example: From the questionnaire results I had made, I had asked this question. As you can see from my results that majority of the people would pay inbetween £1-£2. I have developed to utilise programs such as adobe photoshop and excel. I have also have a greater insight of market behaviours of the magazine industry via questionnaires. My skills for photoshop have consolidated since the beginning of the year. As you can see my music magazine looks more professional than the school one. What have you leartn about technologies?
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