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No description

Taryn Reagan

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Matched

City Hall- Where when you are 17 you go to get matched with your perfect match.

The Hill- Where Cassia did her summer activity, hiking. She also met her lover Ky Markham there.

MapleTree Borough- The neighborhood that Cassia lives in.
Main Characters
Cassia Reyes: Got matched with two different boys. Cassia does not know which one she loves more.
Traits: Curious and Brave

Xander Carrow: Does not know what to do because the girl he was matched with is in love with another boy.
Traits: Loving and Forgetful

Ky Markham: Ky loves Cassia but they cannot fall in love because he is an aberration (person that must remain single because his family has committed a infraction) and cannot have a match.
Traits: Bold and Courageous

By: Taryn Reagan
Matched By: Ally Condie
Different Moods in
Maple Tree Borough:
Different Moods in
City Hall:
Different Moods on
The Hill:
Main Setting: Future dystopian society
Character and his/her Conflicts
Cassia goes to her Match Banquet. She was matched with her best friend Xander Carrow. It is very unusual to be matched with someone from your own providence.
Rising Action:
Cassia was viewing information files about her match. The screen showed Xander's face, then disappeared and reappeared with Ky Markham's. Her grandfather gives her a poem before his death. Cassia signs up for hiking as her summer activity, during which she met and fell in love with Ky Markham. Cassia could not hide their love, so she told Xander.
Cassia must complete her final sorting test. One of the people she observes Ky and decides to put him in the group that gets a "new job." Ky is taken away in handcuffs. Ky's father announces his belief that Ky is being taken away as an abberation to fight and die.
Falling Action:
Cassia's family is told that they are being relocated to the farmlands. Cassia is informed that Ky was purposely placed in the matching pool and her hiking group.
Cassia comes home to find Xander with an envelope containing lifesaving blue tablets. Xander aids Cassia's journey finding Ky.
Conflict: Ky's face popped up on Cassia's screen after Xanders.

Resolution: Cassia fell in love with Ky and told Xander.

Conflict: Ky was taken to fight in a war.

Resolution: Casssia begins her journey to find Ky.

1) " Do not go gentle"
2) "I am trapped in glass and I want to break out and breath deep but I'm too afraid that it will hurt."

These quotes express Cassia's feelings about society making choices for her.
Tone: Frustration from lack of freedom.
The theme of the book Matched is
The characters have different backgrounds but are joined by the same desire for
Reflection on book
I made many connections with Cassia when she had to make a choice that could change her life. Alot of the time I have to make choices that seem impossible.
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