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Profici - Elementary 2 - groups 11 and 17

No description

Sheila dos Reis

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Profici - Elementary 2 - groups 11 and 17

Unit 13
Where can I get an Acarajé?
Students were asked to discuss about products and places where they could get them. It was very interesting because they could learn in a very relaxed way, since all the content was contextualized according to their reality first. For all the products and places they could have at least one example they already knew. They could learn from their previous knowledge and background.
Unit 14
What did you do on the last weekend?

Unit 11
What are you going to do on the next weekend?
Students were asked to produce a video talking about their next weekend.
Unit 12
What's the matter?
Divided in two groups, students matched the parts of the body's names in the correct place. They worked in a collaborative way to be the winner.
In the end, everybody won because they learned a lot and also had fun.
In a second activity, they matched the health problems in the correct place with the help of the class.
Students were asked to produce a video telling what they did in their last weekend.
It's very pleasant to see their development in every fields, in all the skills.
Artur Mota

Rodolfo and Fernanda
Debora Moreira

Students watched a Honda advertisement video with the following theme: Hate something, change something.
They were asked to interview a classmate and ask about something the person hated, then they have to suggest a solution.
Unit 14
Hate something, change something
Unit 15
The first day in my English Course

Students interviewed each other and talked about the first day of their English Class at PROFICI.
How did you feel?
Where did you sit?
Who was the first person you met?
What did the teacher talk about?
How was your English then? How is it now?
Unit 16

In this Unit students learned about phone calls and invitations.
They were asked to send an email to a friend and invite them to go out. They should give directions to their friends .

They love to celebrate and it's a great evidence that they work in a very collaborative way and like to celebrate the results.
Click here to watch the video
click here to watch the video
click here to watch the video
General Coordinator: Professor Fernanda Mota
Academic coordinator: Julia Matos
Monitor: Sheila Bitencourt
Students: Elementary 2 - Groups 11 and 17


Elementary 2

Groups 11 and 17
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