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Car Rental System

No description

Meng Yee Low

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Car Rental System

Car Rental System
Project description
Company background
Objective of the system
Scope of the system
Problem definition
Problem solution
Project scheduling
Requirement gathering
Functional requirements
Non-functional requirements
System Modeling
Business process and functional modeling (Use case diagram & Activity diagram)
Structural modeling (Class diagram & Sequence diagram)
Manage the reservation easier and faster
Reservation through online
Able to know the total number of reservation
Avoid missing customer’s data
Check their car condition
Feedback from the customers
Group members
Low Meng Yee (UK 31463)
Khairunnisa Binti Abd Latif (UK 30693)
Nor Azmira Binti Uzemi (UK 31679)
Nurul Murshidah Binti Johari (UK 32861)
Siti Shima Shahira Binti Mohd Nor (UK 32888)
Ahmad Shafiq Izuan Bin Abd Rahman (UK 32326)
Project description
Access customer data easily
Provide accurate and precise statistics
Provide security to store customer data
Alert or notify the staff to do maintenance
Reduce the time taken to do reservation
Provide online payment
Company background
Local self-drive rental car company
Since 1997
Location: GLL 12, Lapangan Terbang Sultan Mahmud
Objective of the system
Access customers' information
Vehicle availability
Provide online payment
Provide online reservation
Notify/alert maintenance
Provide statistics
Scope of the system
Web-based platform via LAN
Used by owner, staff and customer
Problem definition
Storage of customers’ data in paper sheet.
Customers’ reservation is noted at Google calendar.
Customers are unable to view the vehicles availability.
Vehicles maintenance are done by manually.
Latest reports and statistics is not view in a proper way.
Customers’ are unable to do any feedback regarding the car that they had rent.
Payment from the customers is not efficient.
Problem Solution
Customers’ personal details will store into the database by using MySQL.
Provide the latest reservation schedule to the owner and staffs.
Customers’ able to view the vehicles availability through the system.
All the maintenance are alert and notify by the system.
Weekly and monthly report will be produce upon the request of the owner.
The system will provide rating and comment from the customer and the owner can improvise the service.
Customers can do payment through online payment.

Project Scheduling
Requirement gathering
Step 1: Selecting interviewee
Step 2: Design interview questions
Step 3: Prepare for the interview
Step 4: Conduct the interview
Step 5: Post-interview follow-up
Functional requirements
1. Manage reservation
Make reservation
Change reservation
Cancel reservation
2. Produce schedule
Check daily schedule
3. Vehicle availability
Update schedule for customer
4. Maintenance
5. Payment
Online payment
6. Feedback
Non-functional requirements
1. Operational requirements
Operate in Window or Macintosh
Connect to the printer wireless
Automatically back up at the end of each day
2. Performance requirements
Store a reservation in less than 5 seconds
Retrieve the daily appointment schedule in less than 5 seconds
3. Security
Set the vehicles availability
Produce and print the report, statistics and daily schedule
View customers’ personal details
Use Case Diagram
Activity Diagram
Class Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Sequence Diagram
System Design
Database design
Input design
Output design
Interface design
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