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Youth in Action - Presentation by Basia Ligas

No description

Basia Ligas

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Youth in Action - Presentation by Basia Ligas

WHAT? WHY? WHEN? WHERE? Inspire a sense of active European citizenship Promote solidarity & tolerance among young Europeans Involve youth in shaping the Union's future WHY? ... Programme set up by the European Union for young people PERMANENT PRIORITIES ... European Citizenship
... Participation of young people
... Cultural diversity
... Inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities ANNUAL PRIORITIES - Youth unemployment
- Poverty and marginalisation
- Spirit of initiative, Creativity and entrepreneurship
- Healthy behaviours
- Global environment challenges and climate change - 2011 - European Year of Volunteering
- 2012 - European Year of Active Ageing
- 2013 - European Year of Citizens REGIONAL & NATIONAL PRIORITIES 5 Actions Youth in Action action 4

Youth Support Systems Training and Networking Youth Exchanges
Youth Democracy Projects Youth Exchanges Training and Networking action 1

Youth for Europe action 5

Support for European
in the Youth field action 2

Service action 3
in the World 2007 - 2013 DEADLINES 1 February (1 May and 31 October)
1 May (1 August and 31 January)
1 October (1 January and 30 June) What's in it for me? Youth in Action Want to know more? BY WHOM? National Agency SALTO Resource Centre Sending & Host Organisation HOW? Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency
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