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English - Satire

No description

Lizzie Alabaster

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of English - Satire

The tone of this piece:
Mock serious: "critical but stable condition"
Justin Bieber Recovering In Intensive
Care Unit After Being Badly Booed

S- Speaker
Speaker: Onion journalist + general persona of press journalists.
O - occasion
A - Audience
P- purpose
S- subject
T- tone
Stylistic Devices
LAS VEGAS—Doctors at Valley Hospital Medical Center are reporting that pop sensation Justin Bieber is in critical but stable condition today after being admitted to the facility’s intensive care unit Sunday night with severe booing-related trauma sustained at the Billboard Music Awards. “Mr. Bieber was rushed into the ER late last evening after enduring heavy boos, and while the situation was pretty touch-and-go for a while there, his vitals look good and we are hopeful he will eventually make a full recovery,” emergency medical specialist Dr. Isaac Liss said of the 19-year-old singer, who entered the hospital after being badly hurt by a chorus of jeers, jibes, and heckles while accepting the fan-voted Milestone Award. “We’re just trying to administer lots of love and praise right now. He’s still on shaky ground, but with a steady, round-the-clock course of fawning adulation, I think Mr. Bieber will one day soon, with luck, be able to make another awards show appearance.” At press time, Bieber’s condition had taken a turn for the worse after the performer was booed by one of his nurses.
Effect: Contrast of ridicule + professional = comical, ironic.
Written after the 2013 Billboard Awards ceremony happening
Justin Bieber booing
the journalist made use of the booing to write a satirical article
Audience: younger generation of Onion readers, Justin Bieber's fans and haters.
Effect: Making the audience realize how ridiculous the
subject is
The purpose is to:
Mock the way the event was taken so seriously
Mock Bieber's reaction towards the booing
Bieber's awkward and uncomfortable reaction to the booing
Rule of 3 / Enumeration
"being badly hurt by a chorus of
jeers, jibes, and heckles"
effect of listing
emphasizes the point the journalist is trying to make
Elizabeth Alabaster
and Sabrina Joory
Links to:
The Onion article: http://www.theonion.com/articles/justin-bieber-recovering-in-intensive-care-unit-af,32501/
The YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukZ0ojbkrm c

“We’re just trying to administer lots of love and praise right now"
The deliberate, extravagant, exaggeration = comic feel
Twist at the end
"Bieber’s condition had taken a turn for the worse after the performer was booed by one of his nurses."
Comical ending: makes Bieber's "condition" seem even more ridiculous

The sudden twist raises curiosity
Justin Bieber's "speech" enticed the public to make memes and funny relatable images to mock the event that was taken so seriously
Effect of the Billboards...
Effect of use of public
world class figures
Obama's serious face = humoristic
The Image
Horatian satire (light)
Message: emphasizing the effect that the booing had on him.
Bringing his fragility forward
We can clearly see that the text obviously doesnt seem correct and allows the reader to see JB as not very intelligent.

Also the text used is actually something JB said thus allowing the audience to drectly realate to it.
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