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The Dangers of Mining

No description

Ashley Roys

on 10 April 2012

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Transcript of The Dangers of Mining

The Dangers of Mining Four Types of Accidents 1. Machinery and Equipment 2. Roof and Rib Failures 3. Gas Build-up Multi gas Detector Methane Detector 4. Coal Dust Accumulation Coal Dust Explosion Black Lung This a disease commonly found among miners,
their lungs can't break down the coal dust itself.
If it goes untreated it could lead to thickening
and scarring of the lungs, or even death. The Importance of Coal Uses of Coal It's used as a fuel in industries of paper and steel production. Also, coal is used to make coke. Coke Pure carbon created when soft coal is heated. Through the process of carbonization coke is produced, the coke
produced is used to manufacture iron and steel. What isn't turned to
coke during the process is called coal gas and is burnt like a natural gas. China Top 5 Coal Producing Countries 1. China 5. Indonesia 2. United States 3. India 4. Australia Necessary Qualifications Typically:
High School Education
Engineering Degree For the State:
Professional Engineer
Certificate required Mine Supervisors:
A license given to them by their state's mining department Holds highest record
for most fatalities
a year, usually
around 5,000. Coal powers the electrical
systems of 450 million
people in China. The United States Worst US mining disaster in 40 yrs. 2010-Upper Branch Mine in Virginia 29 Killed in a combined methane
and coal dust explosion Chile The Chilean miners were lucky to be found, their mining story is happier than most although they still returned with difficulties. Mental and psychological conditions may have developed due to being trapped so long.

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