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Brooke's Prezi

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gs students

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of Brooke's Prezi

Ancient Greece Education
Girls: taught at home by their mothers
Boys: started at age of 7 and we till they were 18, or in military
Teaching place: a gymnasia - Greek for teaching grounds
Physical fitness: most important part of learning
Important subjects: weapon training, athletics, and dancing
Not a free education
What did the Spartans teach and learn about?
wanted to produce good citizens
Important subjects: boys- music, literature, astronomy, rhetoric. girls- reading, writing, cooking,and sewing
Athens Education
Athen's education
Sparta's education
Education in Greece
Ancient Greece had two different learning styles.
1. Formal learning- learning with a teacher or a paid tutor
2. Informal learning- learning with an unpaid tutor or a slave
wrote on wax boards
Trained of fighting at Spartan schools
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