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Kong Hong

Zack Hood pd. 8/9

Zachary Hood

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Kong Hong

Over 7 million people
Ranked 100th HONG KONG
By Zack Hood Avg life expectency
Almost 82 yrs
Ranked 5th Major religion is Buddism Second best education system in the world University of Hong Kong 7650 skyscrapers in Hong Kong
most in the world for a city Over 90% of daily travel is on public transport 95% of population is Chinese
5% other Seperate system from China Average of 6339 people
per square kilometer 1/3 of people
can speak English If my topic was not to exist in Chinese history
then things would be drastically changed through
out China. If Hong Kong were to be deleted out
of the history books then their would
be no other notable city besides Bejing
in China that people would recongize. Also Hong Kong is a huge trade center
for the rest of the world. It is an important
sea trading post that carries numerous transations
between nations on a daily basis. These are just a few examples of how Chinese
history would be different if Hong Kong were
to not exist.
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