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Complete dentures_ 2010 _ Year 3

Complete denture setting up

Paul Milward

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Complete dentures_ 2010 _ Year 3

Complete dentures : Setting up teeth
Clinic/Laboratory interface
Paul Milward
School of Dentistry Laboratory prescription
Please articulate occlusal rims on semi - adjustable articulator and provide wax try-in
additional information provide to the dental technician:
Shade : A3.5
Anterior mould : T20
posterior mould : select appropriate size for posterior quandrant

Provide alginate impression of existing complete denture and ask to copy existing tooth mould and tooth position Centric occlusion Balanced articulation Summary
Selection and position of articifical teeth is important in terms of:
denture retention, stability, aesthetics and speech Anatomical teeth (10,20 & 30 degrees)
aesthetic concerns
co-ordinated jaw movements
denture opposing natural teeth Non anatomical teeth (o degrees, inverted cusp, cuspless)
Jaw size discrpancies (Class 111)
Severe ridge resoption
Uncoodinated jaw movements
Poorer aesthetics Centric Jaw Relationship Any position of the mandible on its retruded arce of closure Anterior : setting up Posterior: setting up Anertior: mould selection Posterior : mould selection articulated on a semi-adjustable articulator Learning Central /Clinical Dentistry/Prosthodontics/ complete dentures.......
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