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Milestones Overview

WWBC Family Discipleship

Jason Engle

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Milestones Overview

First Steps
Prebirth - 2yrs.
Seminar: "First Steps"
Milestone: Dedication
Core Competency: The parent as primary faith trainer.
Gospel Foundations
4yrs. - 3rd Grade
Seminar: "How to lead your child to Christ"
Church Milestone Event: Baptism*
Family Celebration: Spiritual Birthday Party
Core Competencies: Jesus, Faith/Belief, Personal Sin, Repentance, Salvation, Baptism
Mile Marker 252 (Luke 2:52)
4th - 5th Grades
Seminar: "Preparing for Adolescence: Parent Edition"
Church Milestone Event: 4th/5th Retreat
Family Event: Road Trip
Core Competencies: Identity, Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Disciplines
Purity for Life
6th - 8th Grade
Seminar: "Purity for Life"
Family Event: Purity Ring Celebration
Church Milestone Event: Purity for Life Sunday
Core Competencies: Biblical Purity, Healthy Relationships, Identity in Christ, Biblical Sex
Rite of Passage
9th - 10th Grades
Seminar: "Preparing My Student for Adulthood"
Family Event: Rite of Passage Ceremony
Core Competency: Roles of Men & Women, Spiritual Gifts & Service, Doctrine & Theology
High School Graduation
11th - 12th Grade
Seminar: "Preparing my Student to Leave Home
Family Event: Parents' Written Blessing
Church Milestone Event: Senior Summit
Core Competencies: Apologetics, Dating/Marriage, God's Plan for Me, Person of Influence, Life Skills
Life in Christ
All Adults
Seminar: "Life in Christ"
Core Competencies: Prayer, Scripture, Authentic Faith, Obedient Follower, Disciple Maker, Giving/Serving, Community
3 Challenges to Parents:
1. Intentional Faith Talks
2. Capture "God Moments"
3. Participate in Milestones
* Westwood only practices believer's baptism. Parents and church staff will work together to determine the readiness of any child before celebrating this milestone with the act of baptism. Children will move through the other milestones at the determined times; baptism is not a prerequisite in moving forward on the milestone path.
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