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Welcome to my presentation, I hope you enjoy iy

No description

Allaya Magee

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to my presentation, I hope you enjoy iy

Welcome to my presentation, I hope you enjoy it
It was done by me, Allaya magee.
This is about arctic wolves!

How they look
Arctic wolves have small ears and they are all white.
They look like gray wolves but arctic's have smaller muzzles and smaller paws( shorter legs)
They are also so cute!
Arctic's are carnivores so they will eat meat.
They will eat eat Musk Oxen, Arctic Foxes,Peary Caribou.
Also they will also eat Leggings, Seals, Nesting Birds,and Arctic Hares.
They have quiet an appetite!
They usually live in colder places
Like Antarctica, North and South Pole and sometimes in tundras.
They will live in places called dens
Life span
Arctic's will live for bout 7 years in the wild and about 17 years in captivity.
They will have pups in a litter of about 5-7.
The pup will come from the female about 63 days after mating.
Where they live
This is a model of a arctic wolf den
As you see there is a main entrance and inside there is a big room for everyone to sleep in.
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