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PEC Induction 2014-15

No description

peng zhao

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of PEC Induction 2014-15

Physical Education Center
Future Direction
New Developments
Swimming, and Boxing
PEC Staff
18 Full-time teacher
PEC Programs
PE Courses
Students' interest-driven
International Sport Offered
Athletic Teams
Intramural Events
Sport Clubs
National Defense Education
Physical Testing
PE Courses
Sport Clubs
Athletic Teams
National Physical Test
Intramural Events
National Defense Education
20 Diverse Sport classes Offered:
Aerobics, Badminton, Basketball, Belly Dancing, Billiards, Boxing, Football, Foundation & Fitness, Body Building ,Golf, Orienteering, Roller-skating, Sport Dancing, Table Tennis, Taichi, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Yoga, Jazz pop dance,Ballet Dance;
Year 1 students
Chinese students
31Sport Clubs:
Aerobics, Swimming, Badminton, Basketball, Bicycle, Billiards, Bodybuilding, Belly Dance, E-Sports, Football, Golf, Karate, Outlook, Roller-Skating, Softball, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Taiji, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Jeet Kune Do, Cricket, Boxing, I-Go, Yoga, Archery, Hockey, Running and Cricket
10 Part-time teacher
Class selection:
7 funded athletic teams
Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Football, Karate, Frisbee, Golf and Tennis
9 Items to measure your fitness:
VO2 Max
Standing Long Jump
Sit and Reach
Open to all XJTLU students, faculty, and staff.
Supervised by PEC.
Organized by students' sport organizations.
23 Part-time Student Assistants
Military Training:
Mandatory for Year 1 Chinese students
during the Christmas Holidays
National Defense Education:
Seminars - Nanjing training
Lectures - military movies
Forums - aircraft carrier salon
Briefings - induction week
Wellness Center
PEC Student Assistants
Foreign Coaches
Widely participated by foreigners
Student Led
More than 450 sport activities
each semester
small-sized PE Classes
New Team Sport Regulations
Flourish sport culture
Small-sized Class
Military Knowledge Contest
Club Sport Membership Statistics
IM Sports
PEC Vision:
"Inspiring the XJTLU community to foster active, healthy lifestyles and life-long learning"
Students select their PE
class by their interest
Less than 20 students every class
Required by China Ministry of Education
Elective PE Class
Get Involved!!!
Make Friends!!!
Empower yourself through Sport
Sit-UP (Female)
Pull-UP (Male)
Students' self-governed
Meet your international friends through team training and competitions
Sport Festival
Football tournaments
Basketball tournaments
Fitness Challenges
Badminton tournament
Swimming ...
Multiple sport culture
English as working language
enriched intercollegiate

highly participated
intramural sport events

widely participated club
NPT Results Analysis and Prescription
Grow Capabilities
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