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No description

Paige Murphy

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Kindle

Kindle Fourth Generation This year's model Second Generation Kindle DX DX Second Generation Third Generation Kindle: The First E-Reader? Eventually, the e-reader will probably take the place of physical books. However, this will not likely happen in our lifetime. Kindle as a tablet The fact that Amazon has released a tablet version of the Kindle raises the question: will there always be e-readers, which function only to store books, or will the tablet, which is essentially a small computer, take over? If so, books as we know them will cease to exist. They will simply be electronic files, just another "perk" of a device. How is this one different? With the new function of being able to tell exactly how much time is left in a chapter, this Kindle makes reading an even more measurable experience. While reading a paper book has always seemed like a timeless pastime, having the ability to know the exact percentage and time that is left in the book changes the experience of reading altogether. While Kindle has not made a drastic change (yet) in replacing paper books and textbooks, the device is constantly being updated and improved. It will take a very long time, but the mere invention of the e-reader combined with our ever-changing technological society indicates that we could be headed in the direction where the physical book becomes obsolete. First Generation What is the appeal of a Kindle? At first, I didn't think I'd ever switch from "real" books to an e-reader. Now however, I love my Kindle. I will never replace the books on my shelf, but I love the size, the feel, and the convenience of having dozens of books with me in one little device. Basics Kindle Fire So... How does the Kindle change the way we read? What does the Kindle mean for books? Cool features Size & Storage With my Kindle, I can carry textbooks and leisure books all at the same time. I take it with me almost every day, so I always have the option to read in my on-the-go free time instead of playing with my iPhone. Why do we love books? Fifth Generation: Paper White The smell... The feel... The ability to escape... Reading on a Kindle is a different experience than reading with a book. We are no longer turning an actual page. There is no need for a bookmark. Storage capacities range from- The act of turning a page... Kindle might be smaller/thinner/more efficient... And books might be more traditional... But I say... why not both? Books? Or Kindle? The Sony Reader launched early 2007,
the same year Kindle was released. Although the Kindle was not the first e-reader, it is considered to be the first popular e-reader. The way we hold the Kindle is different than the way we hold books. A book is a book, and only that. On Kindles, a book is just one of many activities available to explore. Dimensions range from- 6.7 in 4.6 in .36 in to to Weights range from- 8 in 5.3 in .8 in 7.5 oz 10.2 oz 250 mb 16 g to My Kindle! Would you rather carry these... Or this? For example: At the end of the day, it's a matter of preference. But... Although Kindles have long battery life, you never have to worry with a book. You can change the font and size (and sometimes even make it the same as the publisher's font) You can look up a word... ...or an author! You can also search in books and instantly go to another page or chapter. There's also the Kindle store. These are just a few examples...
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