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Gadgets and devices that use Electromagnetic spectrum

No description

Jean Rondina

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of Gadgets and devices that use Electromagnetic spectrum

Group 7
Rondina, Jean Acey
Monares, Kathleen Mae
Misa, Mark Gerjen
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
Revolutionary Curved Edge Screen
Groundbreaking way to deliver notifications
Crystal clear Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display
Refined Multi Window for easier, more intuitive multi-tasking
Ultraviolet Nail Curing Lamps
Used to dry up your nails when nail polish is applied.
Effectively cures ALL types of gel polish
Bulbs need to be replaced periodically
Ultraviolet Nail Curing Lamps
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
This uses the radio waves in transmitting text messages and phone calls.
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
Gadgets and devices that use Electromagnetic waves
Then and Now
Ultraviolet Nail
Curing Lamps
This uses the ultraviolet wave in drying up nail polish and in curing the nails.
Then and Now
Rice Cooker
Rice Cooker
Thank you and God bless!
This is a very useful and versatile kitchen appliance.
One of the top 10 must have appliances for dorm room cooking.
This also refers to a container designed for cooking rice in a microwave oven.
Rice Cooker
This uses the micro wave since this appliance/device is heating up the water molecules of the food to effectively cook it.
Then and Now
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