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No description

cole pridgen

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Architect

By: Cole Pridgen Being an Architect What is an architect? An architect is a person who designs buildings and advises in their construction. Job Description design buildings with their artistic talent and knowledge of math and science pagodas began with the building of religious structures write instructions for contractors and builders to follow coordinate the activities of people involved in the construction makes sure the building is safe and confirms with local by laws keeps everything organized and ensures that the building is done on time pyramids Stonehenge Parthenon architecture reflects the culture of its people the field continues to develop as new techniques and materials are being discovered and as architects blend creativity with function History Back then Today How much money does an architect make? most will make about $55,000 to $120,000 a year interns only earn about $45,000 some experienced architects can earn up to $300,000 Benefits from Being an Architect most of the time only architects that work for firms will receive benefits Some benefits they will receive are... health and dental insurance retirement packages paid sick days requirements for being a licensed architect vary from state to state

need to complete a 5-year Bachelor of Architecture program

after this most architects will complete a 2 to 4-year master program

to maintain their license, they must take education courses throughout their career Training after completing the education qualifications, you must work for at last 3 years under the supervision of a licensed architect

Internship allows you to gain the work experience to gain a license Must have a really big imagination

needs to be able to draw well

comfortable working with computers

must be creative Where does an architect work? depends on who they work for or if they are self-employed most work in offices and at the construction site use computer aided design (CAD) software to design buildings, bridges and other structures Office Setting Construction Site make sure everything is going according to plan and that everybody is safe Working Hours Most architects work 7 to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week other might work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week if they are self-employed, hours depend on how much business they can get and on how many hours they are willing to work Will this job still be available in the future? NC in 2008 there were 3,410 job openings US in 2018 there will be 3,810 job openings increase of 11% in 2010 there 113,700 job openings in 2020 there will be 141,600 job openings increase of 24.5%
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