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Gustavson School of Business - University of Victoria - COM 204 Interview Clinic Process 2013

A detailed timeline for the Interview Clinic in November 2013

Mami Schouten

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of Gustavson School of Business - University of Victoria - COM 204 Interview Clinic Process 2013

Follow the steps!
Com 204 Interview Clinic
November 2013

September 9th
"Who's coming?"
Learning In Motion: Co-op Job Postings - Summer 2014
Check Your Course Schedule and avoid course conflicts!
Submit your applications in LIM
1. Go to "Co-op Job Postings" - "Summer 2014" to find BCom Interview Clinic postings
Location: Arbutus & Queenswood Room
One in-person interview with a volunteer co-op employer during November 5th and 6th
To be completed:
How to sign up for an interview in LIM
1st step
2nd step
3rd step
Learning In Motion
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
Interview booked!
Select "Co-op" then "My Co-op Interviews"
"BCom Interview Clinic",
"View Interview Schedule"
Choose the date/time and employer. Then, click "available" to sign up
Enter the date and time in your calendar!
Interview Sign-up
7:00am September 23rd
to 10:00am September 26th
Job postings will be marked as BCom Interview Clinic
2. CUSTOMIZE resume and cover letter
Contact your Co-op Coordinator for help
Submit Your "Final" Application Package in LIM by 10:00am October 28th
In-Person Interview Clinic
November 5 & 6
3. Submit applications for the Interview Clinic positions
How to submit applications in LIM
Does your resume and cover letter "fit" with the job posting?
Contact: Business Co-op Office
Any questions?
We are here to help you succeed in Interview Clinic
Can't remember how to upload documents in LIM? Watch this...
Show up ON TIME
Bring your business cards & name badge
Wear appropriate business attire
Bring Your Resume and Cover Letter
Come prepared!
Not showing up for the Interview Clinic
= Incomplete grade in COM 204
= Removal of Co-op status
= Re-do COM 204 in the following year
Application Process
October 7th:
Submit your application package (resume + cover letter) to the previously selected job posting in LIM

October 7th - 21st:
Your package will be marked by a Marker and feedback will be sent to you via UVic email

October 28th:
Upload a revised application package in LIM - your package will then be forwarded to the employer
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