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EPHS October 25

No description

Michelle Ament

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of EPHS October 25

Eden Prairie High School's Journey
Empowered Learning
Continuing to Move Forward
It doesn't matter where you are on this journey, only that you're moving forward
Continued learning and reflection is essential
As educators, how do we model empowered learning for our students?
How do you generate a passion for your own learning?
Just the beginning...
Working with collaborative teams &
Suggest a framework for reflection
Support your professional learning through coaching & collaboration
In what ways do you create your own professional learning?
building relationships
Learning from each other
Being open to the possibilities and willing to try new things
Learning from students and empowering them to teach us
Work alongside you and your collaborative team to transform learning & teaching at EPHS
SAMR Model
Think of "one thing" you have tried during daily instruction while on this journey.

1. Identify where your teaching falls on the SAMR model?

2. Is it possible to move this "one thing" to the next level on the SAMR model? How might you do this?

Students read an Infographics online
Students read the Infographic and share their thinking using "OTQ" through a backchannel or forum
Students conduct research on a topic and create their own infographic using a webtool such as Visual.ly
A group of students research and create their own infographic plus share it with an authentic audience.
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