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All About Me

No description

Emma Purath

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of All About Me

All About Me

My name is Emma Purath

I live at Scott AFB but I am moving in the summer.

I am not a fashionable person.
In my family I have
My mom
My brother
My dad
and my dog.
These are a few of my favorite things.
I like sushi,
favorite video game is Portal 2
My favorite drink is root beer and tea
I like to go to the Edge Laser Tag Arena
My favorite restaurant is Panda Express
My favorite TV shows are Wander Over Yonder and My little Pony I also like Dr. Who
I take piano and guitar.
I like to draw
and sometimes i make music videos on my camera.
I don't live very close to most my friends so my favorite things to do with my friends are .....
have sleep overs
go to each others houses
and play laser tag with my friends at the edge.
Pet Peeve
My biggest pet peeve is that it annoys me when people get all over dramatic about blood or when someone gets hurt or killed in a book.
A Little Info
by: Emma Purath
*cough* Rubin *cough*
Things I Would Do
If i had a million dollars I would give some to charities and then by a bunch of my little pony costumes t-shirts, pants, and toys, and buy VIP passes for all my friends so we could go to Brony con in style.
A book series I want to see as a movie is Warriors
P.S a video game i want to see as a movie is portal
I think my greatest fear would probably be physicaly hurting some one that i love
A.K.A friends and family for all you match-makers.
p.s This actually a picture of my dog i found on images must have been before we adopted him :O
Watch My little Pony on the Hub channel
I own none of the pictures they are all from images and Mrs. Laidley took the oe of me.
Something People dont know
I am not afraid to get my hands,feet, back, or face dirty

or bloody
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