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Advertising Campaign Analysis

Slow Motion Ad - Carlton Draught

Lucy Diacaris

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Advertising Campaign Analysis

Lucy Diacaris Advertising Campaign Analysis Slow Motion Ad Carlton Draught At the time of the campaign launch in August 2010, Carlton Draught's position was weak. The company had not released an above-the-line advertisement in 12 months, and the entire Australian beer industry was in the midst of a pricing squeeze. DAGMAR Approach for
Brand Repositioning Brand repositioning can be achieved by following Russell Colley's Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results (DAGMAR) approach. 'A slow motion celebration of men and beer in their natural habitat' - Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Message Appeals Australian Beer Market Carlton Draught is a traditional Australian 'bloke's' beer. It's a brew that depicts the idea of mate ship and having a good time.

Carlton Draught have specifically built their brand image around established Australian values:
Easy going Aussie men who love the
outdoors, their family and friends,
sports, barbeques and most importantly,
the pub. Target Audience Carlton Draught drinkers are usually amongst friends, therefore are influenced by the decisions of their peers. Some men may drink Carlton Draught purely for status, and to be portrayed as a 'manly' man to their mates.

These men are also influenced by their environment. In a pub, the norm is to order a glass of the most popular beer on tap - which is Carlton Draught.

The target market for Carlton Draught are also persuaded by price. This beer is considered a low price product within its category, which is a significant appeal for consumers. Consumer
Decision-Making Television Reference List Market and Product Analysis Carlton Draught is a full-strength lager, brewed by the mass Australian beer company, Carlton & United Breweries. (Foster's Group, 2012, para. 1)
(Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, 2012, para. 23)
(Belch, G., Belch, M., Kerr, G., & Powell, I., 2012, p.108) It is categorized as beer within the alcohol group. beer
spirits #1 = 12.4% market share #2 = 12.3% market share #3 = 9.3% market share #4 = 7.1% market share (Tin, 2012) It is a low involvement product, whereby the consumer acts on self-satisfaction and feeling. So, what's Carlton Draught all about? Advertising
Considerations reform brand loyalty among its target audience
brand commitment increased by 8.7%

boost volume sales
volume sales increased by 3.2%

boost revenue
revenue growth of 5.6%

boost market share
market share grew from 18.8% value share to 21.1% Success of
Slow Motion ad Effectiveness The message strategy used for this ad is brand image, whereby the aim is to build an image or personality about Carlton Draught beer.

Carlton Draught had the initial advertising strategy to rebuild their brand image within the beer industry, and have done this by focusing on the personality of their product in the campaign. They have successfully appealed to the target market by portraying a clear message and drawing on the consumers' aspirations.

This message is that men can escape the chaos of their lives by heading down to the local pub for a pint of Carlton Draught, which will relieve anxiety and increase happiness. Message Strategy n7385803 Carlton Draught must adhere to the Australian Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code (ABAC). Important sections to consider for the Slow Motion ad in particular are: a (i): Carlton Draught must not encourage excessive consumption or abuse of alcohol
c iii): Carlton Draught must not suggest that the consumption of alcohol beverages offers any therapeutic benefit or is a necessary aid to relaxation;
f) Carlton Draught must comply with the Advertiser Code of Ethics adopted by the Australian Association of National Advertisers In relation to the Australian Association of National Advertisers Code of Ethics, Carlton Draught must pay particular attention to Section 2.1 which states: Advertising or Marketing Communications shall not portray people or depict material in a way which discriminates against or vilifies a person or section of the community on account of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, sexual preference, religion, disability, mental illness or political belief. (Australian Association of National Advertisers, 2012)
(The ABAC Scheme, 2012) Advertising
Considerations Carlton Draught must also consider regulations regarding time slots on television. They must comply with The Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice. In particular, the company must abide by Clause 6.7 to 6.13 stating that: Alcohol advertisements may only be broadcast in M, MA or AV classification periods (ie, between 8.30pm and 5.00am on weekdays, and 12.00pm to 3.00pm on school days – exemptions apply for broadcasts of sporting events)

Alcohol advertisements may not be broadcast during nominated children’s programming periods. (FreeTV Australia, 2008) Target Audience Analysis The target audience for the Carlton Draught Slow Motion ad is men aged 18 to 40.

These men are typical Australian 'blokes', who are looking for a relaxing, good time after a hard days work. They appreciate the simple things in life, and just want a good-tasting beer without any over-the-top advertising attached. They value friendship, comfort, sports and pubs. Advertising Strategy Analysis Creative Strategy Analysis Media Strategy Analysis All of these values are represented in the Slow Motion ad. The Slow Motion ad is part of the Made From Beer campaign series. The overall positioning strategy for the Slow Motion campaign was to reposition the brand using the
platform. Repositioning involves altering or changing a brand's position due to declining or stagnant sales and a decrease in brand loyalty. (Belch, G., Belch, M., Kerr, G., & Powell, I., 2012, p.209)
(Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, 2011) Target market research proved that time pressures were the cause of growing life-dissatisfaction amongst these men, affecting Carlton Draught's sales and customer loyalty. Carlton Draught had to appeal to their drinkers, who were desperately seeking comfort in a world overcome with stress and time pressures. So, the overall ad strategy was to reposition the brand as a comforting, familiar and simple choice for relaxation, in order to:

reform brand loyalty among its target audience

boost volume sales

boost revenue

boost market share

This ad strategy developed into the Made For Beer campaign, with the Slow Motion ad being one of many broadcast. Where are we now? Why are we here? How do we reposition? (Belch, G., Belch, M., Kerr, G., & Powell, I., 2012, p.243) AWARENESS COMPREHENSION CONVICTION ACTION Carlton Draught create awareness in the ad through the use of a unique, slow motion concept, and comical, relatable characters. The ad allows the consumer to develop an understanding of what the product is by clearly depicting that the beer is targeted at Aussie blokes who just want to relax. The simplicity and individuality of the commercial, as well as the familiarity represented through the actors, the setting and the music, enhances brand recognition and adds to the consumers' curiosity and develops their mental disposition to buy a beer. The consumer succumbs to this curiosity and purchases a Carlton Draught beer. The campaign generated a total profit of
$12.8 million Big Creative Idea “Blokes love beer, the pub and their mates”, said Vincent Ruiu, Carlton group marketing manager. “We thought we would slow all that down a little to savour the experience.” Carlton Draught's "Slow Mo'' clip won the Gold Lion award at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival. (Langmaid, 2011)
(Kuilenburg, Jong & Rompay, 2011) The Creative Process for the Slow Motion ad - What to say
- Major selling argument (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr - Brings strategy
to life - How to say it
- Appeals and techniques Message Strategy Big Idea Execution (Belch, G., Belch, M., Kerr, G., & Powell, I., 2012, p.281) (Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, 2011) The message appeal used in this ad is emotional, and relates to a male's social and psychological needs for purchasing a Carlton Draught beer. Studies have shown that emotional advertising is better remembered by the consumer, which is ideal when concentrating on brand image.

The main emotional foundation for this ad is humour. Carlton Draught has used humour to appeal directly to the target audience and their appreciation for wit, matched with traditional Australian stereotypes. It creates a connection between the consumer and the brand. (Belch, G., Belch, M., Kerr, G., & Powell, I., 2012, p.294)
(Belch & Sciglimpaglia, 1979, p.39-43) Creative Techniques Strengths and Weaknesses of Creative Strategy Music Tone Social Media The Carlton Draught Slow Motion ad was broadcast on television in August 2010.

An advertisement on television is the easiest way to reach the largest number of men. Also, it allowed Carlton Draught to show their ad during the Australian Football League games, thus gaining entry to all pubs in Australia with a T.V., as well as all male beer drinkers. Carlton Draught also included an option for consumers to interact with the product using social media. At the end of all Slow Motion ads that played during an AFL game, the hashtag #carltondraught appeared, allowing viewers to go online and engage with the product on their own terms. This added to the brands image as a relatable, enjoyable product that is all about relaxation and comfort. Recommendations Influences (Carlton Draught YouTube Video, 2010) (Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, 2011) (Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, 2011) (Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, 2011) (Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, 2011) (Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, 2011) The commercial was viewed over 500,000 times on YouTube, proving that the television version generated a significant amount of awareness, drawing people to re-view it online. Consumers also turned to Twitter to discuss the ad, using the #carltondraught hashtag. A Facebook group called "That Creepy Blonde Guy from the Carlton Draught Ad" was even created, proving that the humour of the ad was a memorable appeal. (Foster's Group, 2010) The Slow Motion ad is matched with a powerful pub anthem, with lyrics that reflect the humorous scenes occurring in the commercial. It is catchy and adds to the comedic appeal. The tone of the campaign perfectly reflects the Carlton Draught brand. It taps into the Australian value and enjoyment of laughing at ourselves. The actors in the commercial represent the company's target market - casual, happy blokes with great personalities. The embarrassing dancing, wobbling waist fat and clumsiness are all qualities that an Aussie bloke can relate to, which creates respect and a connection between the consumers and the product. Strengths Weaknesses - Use of simple humour was extremely effective and captured the attention of viewers
- Made strong connection with target market by portraying them in the ad
- Unique creative concept of Slow Motion is unlike any other beer ad, thus significantly increasing Carlton Draught's brand awareness - Research has proven that only complex brand-related humour leads to strong brand linkage (Slow Motion presents a very simple level of humour)
- Humorous ads tend to wear out and grow old quickly when they are viewed repeatedly
Creative Strategy Media Strategy Advertising Strategy Extend the appeal to women beer-drinkers, not just men. Also extend the appeal to less 'blokey' men who just enjoy a Carlton Draught. Introduce a radio commercial to target consumers who are on their way to work or leaving work after a stressful day. This will plant the idea in their head and alter their route to the pub. Create a secondary ad that still has the Slow Motion aspect, but change the setting to an outdoor event such as a barbeque or a party. Some consumers enjoy Carlton Draught outside of a pub, and this will appeal to them.
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