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No description

Abdel El Tawil

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Aquarius

"Water-Bearer" Aquarius is a member of the Zodiac, a group of constellations that the Sun travels through each year. It is best viewed in the fall in the southern sky, although much of the northern hemisphere can see the Waterbearer in the spring. Aquarius is one of the oldest constellations in the sky. In Greek myth, Aquarius was Ganymede. The young boy kidnapped by Zeus. Zeus sent his eagle, Aquila, to snatch Ganymede out of the fields where the boy was watching over his sheep. Ganymede would become the cupbearer for the Olympian gods. The constellation, Crater, is often thought to be Ganymede's cup. Star Apparent magnitude Absolute magnitude Type of star Distance from earth in light years color Surface Tempeture

Alpha Aquarii 2.950 -3.9 G 800 yellow ~6000k

Beta Aquarii 2.91 3.74 G 610 yellow 5600k

Gamma Aquarii 3.847 3.815 F 158 blue-white 7,500-10,00

Zeta Aquarii 4.42 4.8 F 103 yellow-white 6,000-7,500 K

The constellation Aquarius is one of the oldest constellations in the sky. The constellation has some of the best visible stars including the Beta Aquarii, its brightest star.

By Abdel El Tawil
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