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Look what I have. It's a camera.

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Diego Santoru

on 2 October 2018

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Transcript of Look what I have. It's a camera.

the Church of Saint Michele
The Church of Saint Michele is an ancient monument, it is in the center of Alghero.
Look what I have. It's a camera.
I'm going to take pictures of my town.

Skate park
Alghero port
The port of Alghero is big and it is full of fishing boats and there are a lot of tourists.
The skate park is a place where many people go there to learn how to jump skating. It is in the Pietraia neighborhood.
Sulis Tower or Sperone Tower
Walking on the bastions you can find one of the most important of Alghero towers we are talking about Sulis Tower . From the top you can see a great panoramic view of Alghero.

Lo Quarter
The pool
Lo Quarter is a really beautiful square in the old town. There is a building where the Town Hall often organizes meetings.
This is the pool. In summer the touriste go there to enjoy themselves swimming.
theater civic
hotel calabona
The Aragon is a restaurant in front of the sea and there you can eat fresh fish and delicious dishes.

Classroom 3.0
The bastions are very important for Alghero because it is a wonderful promenade along the sea. From there you can see memorable sunsets.
The class 3.0 is the project to prepare the students to be ready for their future.
The civic theater of Alghero is old. To the theater they introduced him of the people that played or of the comedies.
The hotel Calabona is in front of the sea and is very big. Is find deputies to the bridge of Calabona.
The jail
The jail there are : a basketball court, a kick flied and a room where the prisoners can talk to their famigliaris
Capo Caccia very important promontory it is called the asleep giant . On the top there is a lighthouse .
Miramare Cinema
The cinema of Alghero is very big and it is in front of the sea. Many people go there to watch films.
Poco loco restaurant
The Poco loco is a restaurant where you can eat very well.Inside the Poco loco there is room form bowling and the room of the videogame.
Create by: Diego A, Lorenzo, Diego S, Salvatore, Riccardo.
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