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No description

Alexa Leiran

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Cats

By: Alexa Leiran
Cat Facts
More Cat Facts!
Maine Coon
Munchkin cat
On average, cats sleep 12-16 hours a day
Scientific name is Felis Catus
They live roughly 15 years (in human years)
cats make about 100 different noises
"A group of cats is called a Clowder"
Cats are the most popular pet in North America
Cats only meow to humans and spit, purr and hiss at other cats
A cat cannot chew large chunks of food because its jaw does not move sideways
cats have 53 loosely fitting vertebrae in their backs, making them very flexible.
Cats can only sweat through their paws
Female cats are called queens or mollys
A cat can travel at up to 31 mph, but only for a short distance
Most cats have litters up to nine kittens, the largest on record is 19 kittens.
Over 20 muscles control cats ears
In 2013, a cat ran for mayor in New Mexico
Most cats are lactose intolerant
Toygers are meant to resemble toy tiger. They are a cross between a Bengal and a domestic short hair.
Toygers are very athletic and get along with other animals very well
They enjoy playing with water and swimming.
These cats are very friendly and outgoing
Very intelligent cats that weigh about 10 lbs.
relatively new breed, made in the 80's
This cat is a cross between a serval and a domestic cat and are very expensive
Known for their large size
They live 17 - 20 years
They are very kid and pet friendly and are highly intelligent
Very curious cat, loves to play in water
very large ears
Very destructive when jumping or if left alone for long periods of time.
These are very big cats with large tufts of fur on top of their ears
They usually weigh 13-18 lbs.
Maine Coons have very large paws
this breed is sometimes referred to as the "shag" because of their long fluffy fur.
Very fluffy tails
also nicknames the snowshoe cat because of its large paws
Ragdoll cats have a distinctive coat and bright blue eyes.
These cats usually live 12-17 years
They have semi-long and very silky fur.
very affectionate cats, dont like to be along for long periods of time, develop close relationships with people
Ragdolls love to be carried around in your arms, unlike other cats.
These cats tend to go limp when carried around, hence the name.
Munchkin cats are a relatively new breed, they are like any other cat personality wise but have much shorter legs
These cats come in all different colors and characteristic unlike most breeds
Munchkin cats especially like to steal and hide shiny things that they can play with later when they get bored.
Their short legs are just a genetic mutation
They weigh 5-9 lbs.
Most munchkins are very energetic and kid friendly, a great playmate for young children
Usually live 13 years or longer
This cat is very large, weighing 15 - 25 lbs.
This cat is a mix between a domestic short hair and a jungle cat.
Chausie cats are very active and fearless, not good around small children or other pets.
Colors are brown - ticked tabby, Pure black or grizzled tabby
These cats were introduced in the late 1990's
Declared a championship breed in 2013.
Ocicats are a domestic breed of cat and has no wild genetics in it whatsoever, although it may look like it at times.
These cats are spotted like a wild cat but act just like a domestic cat.
It is a cross between an Abyssinian, American short hair and a Siamese.
The Ocicat is a very playful and energetic breed, always on the prowl of their toys.
These cats are very popular show cat known for their beautiful fur.
Very Lovey-dovey cats.
Turkish Van
Exotic Shorthair
American Short hair
Russian Blue
Pixie - bob
Selkirk Rex
This cat is known for its highly curly fur and big boned body.
The Selkirk Rex has a very round head with virtually no flat spots.
This breed originated in Montana in 1987 when one kitten in a litter had very curly fur.
Their curly fur can sometimes make them twitch their ears a lot.
The Selkirk Rex is a very laid back, playful and cuddly breed.
One of the 4 cat breeds known to have curly fur.
They come in almost any color
These cats are considered dog-like because of their human - devotion
These cats were bred to resemble a wild coastal red bobcat
Their fut feels padded when you pet them because o the double thickness
The pixie bob usually has 5 toes on the front paws on 4 on the back
They like to communicate and growl
These cats weigh from 8 - 17 lbs.
They have longer back legs than front legs and triangular eyes.
This cat is a cross between a chinchilla and a Burmese cat
These cats have big green eyes that are very noticeable and look like they are outlined with eyeliner
The main attraction of the Burmilla is its soft silver coat
The Burmilla was created in 1981 when a male chinchilla and a female Burmese cat mated accidentaly
These cats are generally healthy and live well into their teens.
Is kitten-like well into adult hood
Siberians are fascinated with water
One of the largest breeds of cats out there is the Siberian with the males average weight being 17-26 lbs. and Females weighing between 13-17 lbs.
The Siberian has a thick undercoat that gets thicker and warmer in the cold winter months.
This cat is the national cat of Russia
One of the best jumping breeds of cats.
The Russian Blue is a silver-blue colored cat with bright green eyes.
This cat has a tenancy to act shy around strangers.
Russian Blues have a short coat with minimum shedding
They are a very elegant cat believed to have originated in Russia where there are cold, harsh winters explaining their thick, warm coat.
The Bengal is a hybrid between a domestic cat and a Asian leopard cat.
Males weigh between 10 - 15 lbs. and are considered a large cat.
Bengals have longer back legs than front legs and an "M" on their forehead.
These cats are full of mischief and are not for the inexperienced cat owner
Bengals are very loud and intellegent
Birmans were originally from Asia where they were considered the breed of priests
These cats are very gentle and elegant.
You can tell this cat from others because of its long, silky coat, bright blue eyes, and white "gloves" on all four paws.
These cats tend to meow to people and keep meowing if they answer, almost like a conversation.
Back legs have lacing that runs about halfway up the back legs.
Birmans are known to be very docile, or gentle and easy to work with.
The American Short hair is a breed of cat believed to have been brought with valuable cargo to protect from mice and rats for european settlers.
The American short hair is one of the most common breeds in the United States because of their traits.
This breed is able to adapt to almost any family, unless mistreated, which is why it is so popular.
American Short hairs are known for their docility and attachment to all members of their family, including the dogs.
They can have almost any color and can be almost any size.
The first American Shorthair was brought to us by the Mayflower
The Exotic Shorthair is considered a Shorthair Persian.
The Exotic Persian has virtually all of the same traits as a Persian, with the exception of short fur.
These cats have large, round eyes and a flat face.
This cat is considered one of the best lap cats out there.
Exotics are very quiet cats, and are not often heard
"Lazy mans cat"
Male exotics are sweeter and more loving than a female will be.
When this cat was first bred in the 1950's the breeder was trying to make a brown Persian by crossing a Persian and a brown Burmese
The Turkish Van has semi-long fur and A colored tail, according to the color of other various markings on the individual cat.
Egyptian Mau
Developed in central and southwest Asia
These cats downright love water and are even considered the "Swimming Cat"
They are named after "Lake Van" because of their love for water.
Turkish Vans are very popular in Britain and Australia.
They have waterproof coats that grow long and thick in the winter and when the spring comes, they shed like no other.
Can be sensitive to loud noises and rough handling.
The Egyptian Mau is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world
These cats are the fastest cats in the world reaching speeds of up to 30 mph.
They can jump in the air up to 6 feet.
They have attractive goose-berry
eyes .
They are very energetic and don't like to be carried around or laying in your lap.
Maus are very intelligent and have been known to learn how to open doors and cupboards to get what they want.
The Mau can be silver with charcoal markings, bronze with dark brown or black markings or smoke with black markings.
The "M" shape on the forehead is called the scarab
Many Vans have a marking in between their shoulders called the thumbprint of God and is said is be good luck.
Enjoy these pictures
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