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Mr. Smith's "Beyond Class" Expectations

Matthew Smith

on 18 August 2016

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Transcript of Gyeseong

Mr. Smith's Class
Reading Certificate Program
Reading is like food for your brain.
Comics. Magazines. Books. Anything.
In my class, you will read.
You will participate in the program.
You will have fun.
Character Traits
Author Cards
You will learn about the life and work of a famous writer. Each student will be given a random name that I have carefully chosen for your grade level.
The famous writer will also be your Biography Project subject next semester as well as part of your Speech Presentation. Your author will be your new best buddy.
Every student. Ten books. Any level. Your choice.
School is more than just grades. It's about life.
Each student will be randomly assigned a different famous author.
Beyond Expectations
I love teaching and I love what I do!
Have fun!
It's my goal to make you all better at English. I will push you all to achieve great things. I have high expectations of every one of you.
I always will treat you with respect and fairness. I come to class prepared and ready to help you all learn.
I ask that you do me the respect of coming to class with an open mind and a positive attitude.
If you work hard and be nice, we're going to have a great year together! It's totally up to you.
What can you expect from your teacher this year?
Weekly Journals
Every week. Two pages. Front and Back. No exceptions.
This might be different to what you are used to. Don't worry. I'm going to show you how you can become a better writer.
That's my job.
Self Reflections & Self Evaluations
As much or as little as you want to write.
This is something unique that only Mr. Smith's class does. Every week, I want you to write a little about your English learning journey. What did you learn this week?
Did you pick up any new cultural insights?
Does something still not make sense to you?
Is this class easier or harder than your hagwon class?
What English book are you reading?
Anything related to language.
Our class behavior expectations will guide us to be good citizens. I have high expectations of everyone so we will push ourselves to achieve our own personal goals.
poorly written paper
well written paper
- the grading rubric -
main book
shorter stories
extra book
longer stories
Where to find homework?
semper discentes
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