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Welcome to EDU 271

No description

Rachel Eklund

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to EDU 271

I was an elementary school teacher for 8 years, teaching grades kindergarten through third.
I quit my teaching job three years ago to stay home and keep children full time.
Meet My Family
I have a ten year old son and a four year old daughter. You may hear a ton about these two...that's Robby in the background. You may hear about him too.
Enough about me...Let's talk about the class!!
Don't get overwhelmed!! I am showing you what the ENTIRE semester will look like. I will be here to help you every step of the way!!
Write This Down...
Each “week” begins on MONDAY and ends of the following SUNDAY.
Blackboard Tips
Blackboard times out on you! While typing a journal or discussion board response if you take too long Blackboard will log you out when you hit submit and your information will be GONE. My suggestion: Type what you want to say, highlight it, copy it, then click submit. If you get timed out you can just paste your information back into Blackboard without having to redo it.
I do not 'PAD" grades. You get what you earn. If you do not complete your assignments COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY you will not get an A and you may not pass.
Welcome to EDU 271
Meet Rachel
Rachel Eklund, Instructor
I have a Master's and a Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education
Teacher of the Year in 2009
I am a part time instructor at CPCC. I do not have an office on campus. I am available through email.
I am about to lay the entire course out on the table here...remember you have 16 weeks to get all this done...don't let this stress you!!!
I am a very consistent teacher. Every time I eat at Charanda's I get a Pollo Fundito. Every time I eat at Texas Roadhouse I get a Dallas Fillet. I like things to be organized and CONSISTENT. I do that with my classes too.
All assignments are to be completed by midnight on SUNDAY night of the week they are due.
This is a hybrid class. You are expected to spend the majority of your time working at home online. We will meet four times this semester in the Lab upstairs in the Harris main building. Each meeting will last from 6:30-9:30.
If you can't open videos or documents spend time in the computer lab. They all will open on campus.
Don't wait until the last minute to do your assignments. I will NOT reopen folders after the deadline.
Grades are updated frequently. Check Blackboard often to see your grades.
Grades come from: Discussion Boards, Journal Responses, Attendance, and Assignments.
Assignments are due on their due dates and may not be accepted late. If an assignment is accepted late it will come with harsh grading penalties.
Journal Responses
: Each week you will be assigned websites to visit, photos to look at, articles to read, or videos to watch. They will be in a folder together. After reviewing these items you will have questions to answer in a journal. Other students will NOT be able to read your responses. These journals will not be available to you after the due date. They each count for 20 points of your grade. Complete sentences and appropriate grammar are expected.
We will focus on several websites throughout this course. You will link each online assignment to your Shutterfly website you are creating throughout the course. It is imperative that I have access to your Shutterfly account. If I do not have access then I will not be able to grade your assignments. I will assign you a password that you will need to use for every account you create in this class. Feel free to change them later, however for the duration of this class I MUST have access to your work.
You will have a weekly discussion board worth 30 points. I do not grade responses less than 5 sentences or with terrible grammar, punctuation, or capitalization. Your discussion boards are due by Sunday at midnight and will not be graded if turned in late. The discussion boards will disappear on Sundays at midnight.
Final Project
For your final project you will create a website that you can immediately use either in a job interview, in your current job, or with your family.
You will link work you have completed to your Shutterfly website. By the end of the semester your site will be rockin'!
Attendance is important!
You earn 1 points per week for logging on least five times per week.
You earn 20 points per lab you attend: 08/19, 09/16, 10/28, 12/2
Not logging on for 2 weeks will result in you being automatically dropped from the class!!
Choose a topic for your Website.
This is part of you Week 1 assignments...don't panic.
I have an ESL certification
Brag Time!! Every mommy gets to do it!
My son is an artist. Check out his website to see some of his work.
Yep, he drew this
And painted this
Tinsleigh is my little dancer...
She's super independent and just like me. Uh oh!!
Check the homepage of the Blackboard class
Your website will need to have a common topic or theme that is present throughout every assignment you link to Shutterfly. I will approve all topics.
There is not a textbook for this class. The journal assignments act as a replacement for your textbook.
Your assignments are the bulk of your grades. You must do them if you expect to pass. You must submit them completely and on time if you expect to pass with a good grade.
Discussion boards are meant to take the place of communication with classmates you would have if you were in a face to face class.
It is important to participate fully in the discussions in order to gain the most from this course.
The class is broken up into weekly units
Each week has a corresponding folder which contains everything you need for the entire week.
Once the week is over the folder will disappear and a new one will appear.
I am opening a bilingual preschool in two weeks! Woo hoo!
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