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Business Process Consulting 1

No description

Kurush Dehnugara

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Business Process Consulting 1

Donor Recruitment Process The Wilkinson Center: Introduction Problem Statement Wrap Up Yan Song
Shane Davis
Jerad Velez
Kurush H Dehnugara Future Process (To-Be) Benefits of the new
Governance Process
Reduce Cost
Reduce Time
Implementation Plan & Challenges Q & A First Hurdle Clean Up Database Phone-A-Thon Costs Cost will vary
Get Volunteers!
The board can help with phone lines Program 5-8 ppl
3hr shifts
100 calls per hour
30sec - 5 min per call 1997
Became independent nonprofit organization Tomorrow... 2011
Emergency services
Adult education
Children's services
to 14,214 unduplicated individuals How Do We This? 1982
The Munger Place Emergency Services Center was formed to assist families with food and clothing. PHONE-A-THON Donation Processing
System issues
Inaccurate donor information

Campaign Governance Process
Lack of Board participation
No measure for Board
effectiveness Costs Cost will vary
Get Volunteers!
The board can help with phone lines 1985
Name changed to the Wilkinson Center in honor of generous gift from the Wilkinson family. Donation Processing Campaign Governance Process Campaign Governance Process Donation Processing 3 Tools Benchmarks - Best Practices
What other organizations do
Board Involvement
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - Things to measure
Balanced Score Card(BSC) - Goals
How are we doing??? The Wilkinson Center Food & Emergency Services:
31,580 visits to the food pantry
3,954 visits to Case Managers
507,780 pounds of food provided Adult education:
937 enrollments
19 obtained GED 2011 impact Children's services:
11 locations
516 kids
95% rated improvement
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