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Romeo and Juliet

No description

Kajal Laroia

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet

Juliet's family (the Capulets) and Romeo's family (the Montagues) come in conflict numerous amounts of times, one encounter lead to Romeo's friend, Mercutio being killed Romeo & Juliet
In Mantua on a Thursday morning... Scene 2...In Verona on a late Thursday... Scene 3 Themes... Friar Laurence speaks with Friar John, whom he had earlier sent to Mantua with a letter for Romeo about Juliet's false death

Friar John was not able to deliver the letter due to an outbreak of the plague

Ironically, Romeo already knows that Juliet has "died" but Friar Laurence doesn't know that he does

Friar Laurence tries to help with the situation Romeo is brought the tragic news of Juliet's death from his servant Balthasar

Regardless of Balthasar's advice Romeo decides to visit Juliet's tomb

Romeo buys a dram of poison (bottle of poison) from Apothecary who isn't willing to sell the poison

Romeo declares that he will go to Juliet's tomb and kill himself Act V Roles
Summary of Acts 1-4
Scenes 1-3
Act 5 Summary
Evaluation of summaries
Conflicts in the text
Conclusion Table of Contents Act V Summary Scene 1 Love Fate Irony Sacrifice Conflicts in Text Person vs Person Summary of Previous Acts Evaluation of Summaries Person vs Society Roles Protagonists: Romeo and Juliet Antagonists: The feuding Montagues
and Capulets
The Prince and citizens of
Fate In the end... Romeo arrives at the Capulet's tomb, he sees Paris and confronts him

Romeo and Paris now fight and Romeo inevitably kills Paris

Romeo asks for Tybalt's forgiveness and declares his love for Juliet

Romeo drinks the poison and dies alongside the "dead" corpse of Juliet

Juliet wakes up to discover Romeo's death, and takes his dagger to kill herself

Everyone then arrives to discover the horror SYMBOLS Poison
symbolizes society’s tendency to poison good things and make them fatal (as the pointless Capulet-Montague feud that turns Romeo and Juliet’s love to poison)
symbol of death since it lead to Romeo's suicide Stars Symbolizes fate
The phrase "Star-crossed lovers" is usually used to describe this play
Symbolizes the tragic fate of these two lovers
Foreshadows the tragic end of this story Symbolizes how Juliet began as a pure soul (then became rebellious)
The dagger helped Juliet kill herself
Symbolizes the power of love, that put Juliet in a position where she'd rather die, than live without her true love Dagger - The Prince and the parents discover the bodies of Romeo and Juliet, and agree to put aside their feud in the interest of peace This Act shows how: A prominent theme in Act V as well as in the whole play of Romeo and Juliet
The fuel that drives characters to extremities and it influences decisions made by many characters
Drives both Romeo and Juliet to commit suicide
Love outweighs all other emotion in this play and it is the reason each partner gave up their lives The most clear theme in the fifth act of Romeo and Juliet

The audience is given an outlook on fate and how it may lead to the downfall of the characters in the play and in real life

It is fate that allows the occurrences to take place Made by many characters in the play to honour others and is made as a result of many incidents

Most vividly made by Romeo and Juliet, they each sacrifice their own life for each other

Sacrifice can be influenced by many factors Love can take someone to such an extent that they're willing to kill themselves Romeo and Paris;

- Romeo has conflict with Paris when he goes into the tomb to see Juliet and accuses Paris of wanting to steal Juliet away from him Romeo and Juliet;

- Battle society because of the disapproval of their parents who don't want them to be together
- They both still continue to fight against society in order to be with each other Events turn out the opposite of what was expected
What the characters and audience think to happen, isn't what eventually takes place
Romeo and Juliet do end up spending eternity together in the end, but not in the way the audience had hoped QUESTIONS QUESTIONS QUESTIONS Fate can play a huge role in life Romeo is madly in love with a woman named Rosaline As soon as Romeo lays eyes on Juliet, he falls in love with her Although they love each other immensely, their families have a history of disliking each other If you were Romeo, would you buy poison for your own death? Romeo and Juliet's love opposed the way society works as their love isn't appreciated nor accepted If you were in Apothecary's situation, would you sell the poison to Romeo? By: Kajal Laroia, Rafay Malik and Gladiola Cala Romeo dreams of himself lying dead next to Juliet Balthasar brings Romeo the news of Juliet's death Romeo buys an illegal dram of poison from an apothecary, seeking to commit suicide Friar John states to Friar Laurence that he could not send the letter of Juliet's false death Friar Laurence seeks to be there when Juliet awakes Paris and her servant grieve at Juliet's tomb, but notice that Balthasar and
Romeo arrive Balthasar scurries away as instructed and Paris and Romeo fight, Paris inevitably dies Romeo kisses Juliet and commits suicide, Friar Laurence enters Friar Laurence opens tomb, and Juliet awakes Juliet commits suicide with Romeo's dagger If you were in Juliet's situation, would you have killed yourself? Do you think the Montagues and Capulets would try to make peace between themselves after they realize that the only result they received was death?

Name the people who have died in this scene.
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