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The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe

A KS3 approach to the poem.

Alexander Davis

on 6 February 2012

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Transcript of The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe

The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe A Lesson Plan The Learning Objective Note: Initially I won't inform the class of the learning objective:
We'll work our way towards it. Starter Any associations? Paired discussion and jotting of other examples of superstition, followed by class feedback To develop confidence identifying and exploring elements of poetic writing used to

establish classic gothic themes (e.g. beauty, death, despair, solitude)

construct meaning through symbolism Transition
to The Raven - By Edgar Allan Poe Introduction Class read-through

Initial feelings
Striking or interesting language
What's happening
Leading to: This is intended to encourage pupils to reflect on their own and others' responses
Class Discussion Main Task Split the class into 5 groups and explain the following questions: Group 1
- How does the poem establish a sense of sadness, loss and melancholic beauty?

Group 2
- How does the setting and mood of the poem establish a feeling of isolation and tension?

Group 3
- What elements of the poem establish a sense of eerie otherworldliness, and the paranormal?

Group 4
- What do we learn about the people in the poem? Who is Lenore and what has happened to her?

Group 5
- What is the significance of the raven in the poem? Why does it look, sound and behave as it does?

Allow approx 15 mins for group work

Then, as a class, work through each question, in no particular order, using each group's findings to trigger discussion Transition: The Raven is an example of


establish classic gothic themes (e.g. death, despair, solitude)

construct meaning through symbolism Today's learning objective: To develop confidence identifying and exploring elements of poetic writing used to Plenary Assign homework task Show video clip of The Raven
(as interpreted by The Simpsons) In the unlikely event of any remaining lesson time, ask around the class if anyone has any ideas for the homework assignment Intentions of lesson plan
Create a pupil-led atmosphere of inclusion and encouragement

Consider further transferable skills as part of text-specific activity

Offer autonomous, paired and group activities

Cover reading, speaking and listening, and (as part of the homework) writing
Thank you THE
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